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Togethermore: Rejection and Reunion


A story of a man who after 50 years wakes from his amnesia life and finds his birth family. Follow along as he struggles to fit in and yet retain as much of his constructed life as he can. But more than that, this is a story of humanity. Of finding who you are at the core of your being. Of finding how hurt is often expressed as hate and love is often expressed as sacrifice.




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About Preterism: The Book


After spending 15 years in the preterist movement and then leaving it in 2007 to become as Sam Frost once said; "the most hated person" by preterists, Roderick Edwards has finally produced the perfect introductory book for anyone who is interested in learning more about the movement and its concepts.

This no holds-barred, non-polemic, non-slanderous review will allow the reader to better understand how someone becomes a preterist and why. This is a must book for anyone engaging not only with preterists but in any theological discussion.

Learn about this theological perspective before it comes to your church or ministry. While it can stimulate discussion, it can also be a grave damage to any congregation. Historically, simply dismissing something like preterism as "heresy" only causes people to become more curious. Understand why and how anyone could conclude that "Jesus already came back" -- the main tenet of preterism.

Read this short, direct book by a FORMER preterist as he explains it in brutal honesty, even naming names so that you can decide best how to deal with this theological view WHEN it comes to your ministry.
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Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing

Self-publishing allows people to either provide quality work that would have otherwise been stifled by big publishing allows more junk books to enter the market. Probably a little bit of both. I write a lot, as this website attests. I hope my writing is more than just a quick blog post and is diverse enough to capture the interest of a wide audience.
As you can see, I specifically have kept my site geared to the content. I don't have advertisements popping up in your face every five minutes and I have tested to make sure the structure of the site works on many platforms and not just a desktop computer.

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ONE: Exploration of Individualism

Finally published my first microbook via Amazon on Kindle. Please consider reviewing it for me.

Explore the history and development of individualism and why it is such an oddity among cultures. Learn how individualism has impacted everything from religion to government. Understand why individualism often manifests as rebellion or even psychosis.
A perfect introduction for a person from a collective or socialistic country.
Building the case why individualism is the ultimate evolution of human societies, this book will take the reader from tribal construct to the State and finally to the singular persona.
Every page is packed with thought provoking insights into the mental, emotional, and cultural processes required to develop into a truly individualistic expression.

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The Complete Roderick/Roderick At Random

As a joke, I bought a book called The Complete Roderick by John Sladek (1980,1983). While I usually don't read too much fiction, I decided I would veg out and read this book. The premise or plotline is of a robot that evolves. As you may have guessed, the robot's name is Roderick. He starts out as little more than a box on wheels, developed in a lab. When a government agency seeks to shut down all work on entities (artificial beings), Roderick is hidden away with an odd couple; Hank and Indica. Hank is a failed inventor and Indica is a bored-cheating housewife that will eventually become an activist of sorts. From here, Roderick is passed from person to person; where each influence and experience develops him. Perhaps the most influential time was spent with Mr. and Mrs. Wood. Mr. Wood worked in a factory that made automatons and used his skill to improve the little robot into a "boy".

Most of the book relates how Roderick is perceived by humans; not as a robot but as a fellow human. No one seems to believe Roderick is a robot; not even his school teachers even though he tells them constantly. The humans are depicted as mostly irrational if not crazed, but of course Sladek (who died in 2000) may have been trying to capture how irrational the actions of humans might appear to a robot.

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