Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing


Self-publishing allows people to either provide quality work that would have otherwise been stifled by big publishing allows more junk books to enter the market. Probably a little bit of both. I write a lot, as this website attests. I hope my writing is more than just a quick blog post and is diverse enough to capture the interest of a wide audience.
As you can see, I specifically have kept my site geared to the content. I don't have advertisements popping up in your face every five minutes and I have tested to make sure the structure of the site works on many platforms and not just a desktop computer.


I've finally began publishing e-books and paperback books via Amazon. Forgive my initial attempts as I'm still working out the formatting and the length. Interestingly a 20,000 word manuscript yielded only a 57 page paperback book. I was under the impression it would be more like 150. So far I have two e-books and one paperback.

  1. One: The Exploration of Individualism
  2. PVE: A Survivor's Journal
  3. PVE: A Survivor's Journal (Paperback version)

I've been working on a few other titles and hope to have them released as e-books and paperbacks before the end of 2018.

1. About Preterism: The End is Past
2. How to Overthrow A Government: An historical and hypothetical survey of revolution, civil war, and sedition
3. The Essence of Sentience

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