Proof that Google is a Leftist Propaganda Organization

Naaaah Google's not biased

Google Confidential Internal-OnlyIn July 2017, Google Engineer James Damore wrote and released an internal memo to fellow Google employees titled: Google's Ideological Echo Chamber (memo). By August 2017, Google fired Damore for violating its "code of conduct". Google's VP of Diversity, Danielle Brown, responded to the memo on August 8: "Part of building an open, inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions. But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws".
But now a confidential internal-only video recorded at Google immediately after the 2016 U.S. presidential election has come to light showing that Google is indeed an echo chamber and that there is no "safe sharing" for non-leftists at Google. As a matter of fact, watching the video would leave the viewer believing that only leftists work at Google.

Kanye West Answers the Question

Does Donald Trump Care About Black People?

K_WestJimmy Kimmel interviewed Kanye West in August 2018 and thought he stumped West when Kimmel asked him if Trump cares about black people. West purposely was taking an inordinate amount of time to answer the question. Kimmel went to a commercial break, implying Kimmel exposed a flaw in West's support of Trump. (see link)
West has since and repeatedly said he wasn't stumped and finally during an interview with WGCI 107.5 radio in Chicago, West answers the question and the answer is bound to be ignored by most of the media. READ Kanye West Answers the Question about Kanye West Answers the Question

Deplatforming: The Banning of Free Speech

When are words "unsafe"?

Social Media BanThe concept of the "Fairness Doctrine" is where Democrats wanted the government to force media outlets to give "equal time" to Democrats for every successful program like Rush Limbaugh, rather than the Democrats figuring out how to appeal to enough people to be successful. But the Wikipedia article makes it sound like it was just an FCC policy introduced in 1949 and revoked in 1985 by a meanie Reagan appointed FCC chairman. But read a bit further in the Wikipedia entry and it will be clear this has been a continuing theme of the Democrats to attempt to ban free speech. And now, via social media tech giants like Facebook, Twitter & Youtube, they may have partially accomplished their goals. Not by forcing those platforms to give them "equal time" but by getting them to deplatform opponents to Democratic Party policies. READ Deplatforming: The Banning of Free Speech about Deplatforming: The Banning of Free Speech

Future School

Teaching the future today.

SimulationKayne West was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on Aug 9-10 2018 & discussed a concept of "teaching the future" rather than the past. While it may seem a bit hokey, West wasn't talking about predicting the future but about focusing on teaching how to think in the now and the future rather than in the past. He described it as a young child who dons a blanket as a cape and stands on a coffee table in triumph but someone telling them to get down because it's a coffee table. This is supposed to demonstrate how the child's view of things are defined for them; in the past rather than them defining their future. Obviously, this is simplistic but is about thinking for yourself. READ Future School about Future School

Unwelcome and Unwanted Conduct

Harassment, Discrimination, & Offense

Shut upWhile legitimate harassment does occur, a lot of what passes for harassment is merely some snowflake who can't handle reality. My workplace's 'training department' made everyone take an 'anti-harassment' training course. Most of it was reasonable but even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) policy guidelines were...well stupid.
Like they always do, the leftists among us conflate reasonable and logical policies with their own idiocy until even the original premise becomes suspect. This is how we got here. READ Unwelcome and Unwanted Conduct about Unwelcome and Unwanted Conduct

Democrat's Concerns would be believable if...

Fake narratives by Democrats

Trump Derangement SyndromePerhaps the Democrat's sudden concern with the integrity of our elections would be more believable if they hadn't spent so much time trying to block voter id. Or perhaps it would be more believable if they didn't just pass a law in California allowing illegal immigrants to vote for school board members. In fact, the Democratic Party has a long history of being completely hypocritical and unbelievable when they try to act concerned about something. They appear to only be concerned about getting elected. READ Democrat's Concerns would be believable if... about Democrat's Concerns would be believable if...

New Cold War: Russia, USA, and Politics

#Treason #Russia #Traitor

Human KennelsIn March 2016, then president Obama met with Raul Castro, not in some neutral host country but at the Cuban "Revolutionary Palace" in Cuba. Yet, no mainstream media criticized Obama as pandering to or legitimizing a "dictator" and long time enemy as the media has to president Trump in his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in July 2018. Obama even appeared to try to give Castro a hug which was rebuffed by Castro but was portrayed in the media as Obama letting his arm go limp rather than letting Castro raise his arm in a "victory" stance. Watch the unedited video because the edited one doesn't show the part of Obama moving in for the hug. READ New Cold War: Russia, USA, and Politics about New Cold War: Russia, USA, and Politics

American Independence is World Independence

Happy We-kicked-monarchism's-butt-day!

American FlagAmerica's independence day is not just another country's independence from some colonial "mother country". America was not some subordinate fiefdom that had been passed around from king-to-king throughout time. The American Experiment was a time and place where and of people who wanted to be free; free from the centuries long dictatorships of monarchical oversight.
The American Revolution was always inevitable because here is a place where all the "rebels" and individualists of the world would come to get away from the dictators and fascists, and mob-ruling elitists of the world. READ American Independence is World Independence about American Independence is World Independence

Unhinged Democrats

Democrats want to start new Civil War

Anti-AmericansWhen does the harassment and stalking move from the administration of Trump to the voters of Trump? When can we expect Democrats to surround us at our places of work or while we're out for a meal with our families or while we sleep in our beds? The Democrats are truly unhinged. They suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) or more specifically the Democrats are anti-America more than they are anti-Trump. READ Unhinged Democrats about Unhinged Democrats

Separating Families: The New Democratic Party Smear Tactic

#SeparatingFamilies #SeparatingChildren #KeepFamiliesTogether

Human KennelsThe latest "crisis" that Democrats and the media are using to distract from the fact that the FBI, the U.S. media, and the DNC were colluding to "stop" Donald Trump from becoming president is that poor asylum seeking children at the U.S. southern border are being separated from their loving parents that are committing a crime by entering the U.S. illegally. Democrats (and some stupid Republicans) are demanding Trump fix this multi-presidential-administration policy immediately. They don't want to use the legal process of having the Congress craft legislation. READ Separating Families: The New Democratic Party Smear Tactic about Separating Families: The New Democratic Party Smear Tactic

Because Malcolm X wouldn't keep his mouth shut

Rebuilding the Democratic Party Plantation

Malcolm XAfter the Democratic Party lost the Civil War, they spent the next 100 years trying to bully and subjugate black Americans back into fearing them. First, the Democratic Party created the KKK then they imposed the Jim Crow laws of segregation -- forcing black Americans into the back of buses and out of lunch counters. But eventually the Democratic Party realized it could use black Americans to its advantage. They could pretend to help them by giving them free stuff and promising them things in exchange for their votes. This is exactly the goal of Democratic president Lyndon Banes Johnson (LBJ) who reportedly said that by not vetoing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he would, quote:

"I'll have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years'

READ Because Malcolm X wouldn't keep his mouth shut about Because Malcolm X wouldn't keep his mouth shut

Iran Deal (JCPOA) Explained

Cutting through all the biased media crap!

perfectchaosIt's difficult to get a straight answer from today's media. They are so froth-mouthed with seething hatred for everything Trump that they can't report a factual story. The same is true with their reporting on the "Iran Deal" also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or BARJAM برجام / برنامه جامع اقدام مشترک‎ among the Iranians.

First, what did the "deal" entail? Did it actually benefit America? Was it really stopping the Iranians from building nukes? At the core of it, the Iran Nuke Deal was supposed to curb Iran's development of nuclear weapons for about 10-15 years. In exchange, Iran was supposed to get "relief" from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations; especially in the form of lifting the sanctions the U.S. had imposed on Iran (see: & READ Iran Deal (JCPOA) Explained about Iran Deal (JCPOA) Explained

John Calvin, Clintons and Trump

Why Christians had no problem voting for Trump

perfectchaosMany Democrats (and some "NeverTrumper" Republicans) seem to be perplexed over how Christians could have voted for Trump. The Democrats will claim there are situational ethics going on that allows people to condemn the corruption of Hillary Clinton and yet ignore the corruption of Donald Trump. Rather, since many Democrats are not religious or at least not Protestants (JFK was Roman Catholic, Harry Reid is Mormon, Obama seems like his religion is contrived Social Justice); Democrats don't understand the Calvinistic underpinnings of American Protestantism. Calvinism simplified sees all humans as fallen or corrupt in nature. All humans are not naturally "good" but by nature "bad". So, a Christian waiting for the "good" candidate is an impossibility; there is none good, no not one (Romans 3:10). With this, a Christian must decide which "bad" candidate to elect. It is a deeper variation of the "lesser of two evils" concept. This conflict is the reason some Christians don't vote at all and leave civil
government to its own devices.
READ John Calvin, Clintons and Trump about John Calvin, Clintons and Trump

United Korea

The End of the Korean War

Korean unificationUnfortunately the United States needed Russia's help to ultimately defeat the Nazis and the Japanese during World War 2. But this help came at a high price. After the war, Russia and the United States (along with the European allies) would agree to "administrate" portions of the defeated countries; such as Berlin Germany and Korea which was previous controlled by Japan. In doing this, artificial separations were created such as East and West Berlin which would eventually be divided by the notorious Berlin Wall.

READ United Korea about United Korea

Everything is Racist

When words lose meaning...

AdulthoodMy favorite leftist friend sent me a video he wanted my opinion on. It is Steven Bannon giving a speech in France; March 10, 2018. Now, my friend only sent me the 15 second clip of a 35 minute speech. His intent was not really to get my opinion on the speech but to try to shame me by guilt of association, because you see Bannon spoke about how the Social Justice Warriors' (SJW) main weapon is to call everyone and everything racist. The narrative of the SJW is to get you to spend all your time defending against their accusations. It doesn't matter if the accusations are true or not; it's the "seriousness of charge". Calling a person a racist is the best way to make them recoil in horror and make them shut up about everything except defending themselves against the accusations. They call you racist if you oppose Islam even though Islam isn't a race. They call you racist if you oppose illegal immigration. They call you racist if you dare oppose any idea or concept espoused by anyone with even slightly darker skin than yourself. To this end, Bannon said:

"Let them call you racists. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor." -- 35:28
READ Everything is Racist about Everything is Racist

Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing

Self-publishing allows people to either provide quality work that would have otherwise been stifled by big publishing allows more junk books to enter the market. Probably a little bit of both. I write a lot, as this website attests. I hope my writing is more than just a quick blog post and is diverse enough to capture the interest of a wide audience.
As you can see, I specifically have kept my site geared to the content. I don't have advertisements popping up in your face every five minutes and I have tested to make sure the structure of the site works on many platforms and not just a desktop computer. READ Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing about Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing


When are you really an adult in the USA?

AdulthoodEspecially in light of the gun debate which seeks to require all buyers to be at least 21 years of age, the United States needs a single age it considers a person an adult. Our inconsistent laws on legal adulthood has been and will even now be more of a problem. Why is it that at age 18 a person can enter the military and die for our country but still cannot drink alcohol? Age 21 only seems to allow a person to drink alcohol. If now we are going to require a person be 21 before being able to buy a gun, I think we should just make 21 the age of legal adulthood. This would mean that you have to be 21 to smoke, to drink, to buy a gun, to enter the military, and to vote. WHOA!!!! Roderick.
READ 18OR21 about 18OR21

They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid

Did the Russians make people vote for Trump?

Trump danceAt work today, someone told me the reason people voted for Trump is because they were influenced by Fox & Friends, the Internet and Facebook and all the "garbage" those Trump voters believed that led them to vote for Trump. I then told the person that I have never watched Fox & Friends yet I voted for Trump. While I agree people on both sides of a two-party system will be influenced by the propaganda of the other party, it doesn't explain why people like me voted for Trump. Are people like me just stupid? Were we fooled into voting for someone that doesn't serve our best interests? This is certainly the accusation. The person couldn't account for why I would vote for Trump and at first seemed to not care, as if it was something personal I didn't need to explain. But I wanted to explain. I wanted the person to understand HOW someone could vote for the candidate the person thinks is so bad.
READ They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid about They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid

Why I have my own website

Am I just a narcissist in need of validation for my existence?

IndependenceIn the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and every other social networking site you can think of, why would a person actually pay to maintain a website? Not just a free WordPress blog but an actual domain? Is that person just an egotistical rouge who thinks his opinion or view actually matters? The reason I have a paid domain website is because for the most part I can't be restricted. I can't be banned or even shadow banned. I can't have someone complain to some moderator and have my post taken down. It's called FREE SPEECH. Something going away in places like Canada and Europe where you can't say "offensive" things about someone else's religion EVEN if it is true; like how Muhammad actually murdered people. And in America, in Human Resource departments all over the nation, they tell you that you can get in trouble for talking about someones "deeply held religious beliefs". Who decides which religious beliefs are "deeply held" or not? Who are these people to decide this? Either allow it or not but who are these people to decide which beliefs you can and can't talk about.
READ Why I have my own website about Why I have my own website


The individual as a political and social entity has not been well defined. In preparation for the writing of this article, I researched the existence of political parties and movements based on individualism. Most of the sources didn’t really express a true form of individualism but rather an animus towards government or “discrimination”. Just because someone opposes government intrusion into the lives of citizens does not mean the person is advocating individualism. As a matter of fact, many of the organizations were advocating collectivism of individuals or even collectivist social justice; which is definitely not individualism. The charge of discrimination is fairly subjective, since in reality humans discriminate (or “decide for or against”) for many reasons that may have nothing to do with bigotry or racism or any nefarious motive. Further, many of the organizations seem to be dormant or defunct. READ Individualism about Individualism

I Wrote A Speech For President Trump

This is the speech that would change everything...

President TrumpI've written a speech I believe would change everything about how Trump is presented by the media and how even Democrats view him. It is my hope that someone close to him or someone influential will get him to read this and consider giving a similar speech in the coming days: READ I Wrote A Speech For President Trump about I Wrote A Speech For President Trump

2018: Day One

20-30 years is all I have left...

Roderick Edwards
As 2017 fades and 2018 rises and old events and new swirl around us; elections, scandals, threats, deaths, births, all things negative and positive; all things real. I pause to think where and why I fit in. Am I merely one hairless ape among billions? Here only by happenstance of two people copulating? Do I have a purpose or at least a self-defined goal in life?
In all likelihood I have about 20-30 years left on this planet barring any accident or tragedy or scientific breakthrough. Am I being self-centered in thinking about my own mortality? Surely at this very moment, someone else is gasping their last breath. What about them? READ 2018: Day One about 2018: Day One

Roads Don't Discriminate

On the road to socialism...

It doesn't care about the color of your skin or your hair or your eyes. It doesn't care about which genitals you have. It doesn’t care with whom you have sex. The road doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care which political party you support or whether you are rich or poor. It will conduct all drivers alike. It will even potentially conduct you to death if you dare go the wrong way. The road doesn’t discriminate.
I make this point because when in discussion with socialists (otherwise known as Democrats), they will try to make the case that tax dollars going toward infrastructure is the same as going toward things like women’s birth control, or universal health care (which isn’t ever universal), or to fund a college that uses racial quotas to forcibly diversify its student population. The Democrats will claim that the tax dollars are part of the Constitutional declarative of “promoting the General Welfare” of the people. The problem is, unlike the indiscriminate nature of infrastructure, using tax dollars to fund programs for specific classes of people is not actually promoting the general welfare but rather specific and targeted welfare. Using communal funds in this manner is against the intent of the Constitution and Americanism.

READ Roads Don't Discriminate about Roads Don't Discriminate


ENTITLED - by me, not you
I'm tall. I'm short. I'm fat. I'm thin.
I'm black. I'm white. I'm not. You are.
You're here. I'm not. Not fair!
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
I walk. You don't. You walk. I don't.
You do. I don't. They do. We don't.
My group. Your group. I'm in. I'm out.
I scream. I shout.
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
I'm blind. You're not. You're able. Not me.
You're rich. I'm poor. Your fault. Not mine.
I'm old. You're young. Not fair!
Wah! Wah! You owe me! READ ENTITLED about ENTITLED

The Tyranny of Fairness

What's fair to you is unfair to someone else.

Not only is the idea of fairness a matter of opinion, thus completely subjective, fairness is unnatural. Whether in the animal world or in our own civilizations, fairness; whatever we consider it to be must be imposed. Fairness in political systems manifests itself as programs such as racial and gender quotas or worse as forms of socialism or communism. READ The Tyranny of Fairness about The Tyranny of Fairness


What makes one culture better than another?

SparkThe word supremacy means “to be supreme” or “better than others”. If instead of declaring supremacy, what if someone is simply declaring the uniqueness. For example, there are replete examples of declarations of the uniqueness of Hispanic or African-America culture yet no one assumes this declaration is advocating a supremacy. So, why can’t “white” people also declare their unique culture without being labeled white supremacists?
Rather, it is actually insulting to a person of any culture to act like there is a monolithic, stereotypical representation. Hispanics are so classified even though this includes cultures so disparate that there is little comparison. Someone’s historical and culture influence may be radically different than someone from Columbia or Catalonia yet because of a shared common language they are grouped as “Hispanics” or more accurately; “Latinos”. This does a great disservice to the uniqueness of each of these cultures. READ Supremacy about Supremacy

The Singularity

The Singularity will either make most life subservient or it will eradicate it.

SparkIt will not be an apocalyptic planet overran by revolutionary apes but rather the quiet subsuming of humanity by adaptive computer programs. Perhaps not so much tangible robots with a familiar human form except for glowing red eyes. But imagine a day when adaptive computer programs like DeepMind/Google’s AlphaGo Zero makes the leap from operating on circuit boards and microchips to being able to infuse itself into the essence of all living things. What that essence is, not even the great philosopher, theologians or scientists know but that essence is what makes life alive. If and when a computer program could use molecular conduits and living cells to conduct itself within living things, this computer program could then replicate into other living organisms. READ The Singularity about The Singularity

Why Americans have guns

The real reason Americans like to own guns


People from other countries and even American citizens; especially indoctrinated Democrats often are confused why regular Americans have guns. In so many countries, only the "authorities" are allowed to have guns. Only the military and maybe the police. It seems illogical and even crazy to these people that a citizen would have a gun. Okay, okay; some of these people will argue that maybe a person can have a gun for hunting but that should be restricted to hunting clubs where the guns are controlled and regulated to the club and not allowed in individual homes.

Further, the arguments against owning guns is that we no longer live like they did at America's founding. We're not running around in the wilderness. People don't need an AR-15 to hunt rabbits. There is no reason to have anything more powerful than a shotgun (Joe Biden's argument).
READ Why Americans have guns about Why Americans have guns

#TakeAKnee Protest

Protesting protesting


In September 2017 members of the NFL; National Football League protested by kneeling on one knee during the playing of the National Anthem. Although originally precipitated by player Colin Kaepernick as a protest against "oppression of people of color", the September protest was exacerbated when U.S. President Donald Trump made a passing comment at a rally in Alabama.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners say, when somebody disrespects our flag; 'Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He's fired.'" -- Trump

READ #TakeAKnee Protest about #TakeAKnee Protest

Free Future

Imagine a time when you don't have to do anything so that you can do anything.

Automation of everything

For awhile now I've been envisioning a future where no one will have to work. No one will have to pay for anything. No one will have to do anything so that they are free to do anything. I have been imagining a fully automated future where everything we need is produced by machines, or robots that also make and repair themselves. In this kind of world we would no longer require money since all things would be automated; building of housing, transportation, food planting, cultivation, and processing, healthcare. The essentials of life would be free for everyone without the burden of taxing anyone. There would be no more need for politicians to cause division by class envy and warfare since in essence there would be no more socio-economic classes. There would be no need for wealth redistribution since wealth would be meaningless, not because of some socialist utopia but because of a realized opulence for all. READ Free Future about Free Future


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