Utopia Undone: After it all, a rioter's regret

Utopia Undone: After it all, a rioter's regret is a 9 minute monologue video that explores the aftermath of riots, protests, civil wars, and revolutions currently afflicting the world.

The first short film written and produced by Roderick Edwards. Based on the book HOW TO OVERTHROW A GOVERNMENT

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RoderickE Books

RoderickE Books

All the latest books by Roderick can be found: https://amazon.com/author/roderickedwards

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How to Overthrow a Government


With the world seemingly on the cusp of revolution; with ideologies clashing more than ever, with protests and riots everywhere now is the time to consider why and how governments are overthrown. This book not only will help the reader understand but even consider what happens after.
The year 2020 promises to be a year of conflict due to the divergent worldviews of globalism, nationalism, individualism and outright anarchy all vying for dominance in the minds of the people. Add to this volatile situation, social media and mass media propaganda and you have the perfect mix to start revolutions not just in one nation but in the entire world. 2020 could usher in a world-wide revolution, not just another world war. This time, it would be the people against the elites. Not a class war but a war for common sense to prevail.
PAPERBACK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084DH8BMH
EBOOK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0839QYG9Z
AUDIOBOOK: https://www.audible.com/pd/B08DK2QLBT

Screaming Chuy Podcast

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The Universe: Of Every Religion and None

The Universe

The Universe isn't about stars and planets. It isn't about the world or some vague concept. The Universe is about living life and where our lives intersect everything else; other people, animals, weather patterns, time, and space. The Universe is the sum of everything

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Togethermore: Rejection and Reunion


A story of a man who after 50 years wakes from his amnesia life and finds his birth family. Follow along as he struggles to fit in and yet retain as much of his constructed life as he can. But more than that, this is a story of humanity. Of finding who you are at the core of your being. Of finding how hurt is often expressed as hate and love is often expressed as sacrifice.


READ THE BOOK TODAY: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1688917055

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Excel For Everyone: A Guide that doesn't call you a Dummy

Excel book

An Excel guide that teaches you to be an Excel guru instead of just throwing a bunch of geek-speak at you. This book is backed with over 20 years of Excel and data analysis experience in a wide field of industries. Written in a casual and entertaining style which readers of all levels can appreciate. This isn't your grandpa's Excel for dummies book!

Anyone who knows me, knows I made my living as an Excel geek. But now in my waning years I am returning to my first love; writing. While I've already written and published over 5 books (paperback, ebook, & audiobook), I wanted to write a book that kind of turns the page on my Excel guru days. But my book on Excel isn't a "for dummies" book, but rather it's for all the people who I've helped and who have supported me along the way in my "Excel life".

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Gypsy Siblings Adventures

RV adventures

Two adoptees separated by time and distance find each other after 50 years. After the unfortunate destruction of their constructed lives, they begin to rebuild who they really are, who they really should have always been. Then they buy an RV and take road trips together around Florida. This is a spin-off book from the autobiographic, TOGETHERMORE. Read that one first to get the entire story!

Get the book today in paperback or ebook. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BWD2Z6Q

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PVE - A Survivor's Journal


Do you like a good story? A fictional tale of waking on a strange world by yourself and trying to survive. Could you do it?
Listen to the first 15 minutes of the #audiobook OR get the #paperback or #kindle #ebook

First chapter: https://rodericke.com/sites/default/files/first%20days-1_0.mp3
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1980491496
ebook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B8YLLJS
audiobook: https://www.audible.com/pd/B08F94R13J

The first fiction by upcoming author, Roderick Edwards is an exciting, nail-biting, night-frighting thriller you can read or listen to in less than 2 hours! Get it today!

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About Preterism: The Book


After spending 15 years in the preterist movement and then leaving it in 2007 to become as Sam Frost once said; "the most hated person" by preterists, Roderick Edwards has finally produced the perfect introductory book for anyone who is interested in learning more about the movement and its concepts.

This no holds-barred, non-polemic, non-slanderous review will allow the reader to better understand how someone becomes a preterist and why. This is a must book for anyone engaging not only with preterists but in any theological discussion.

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The most certain ever. The most chaotic ever. The most depressed ever. The most happy ever. All at the same time.
I don't know the future even though I know the most past ever. Seems to be a forever blur. How can this be?
People telling me not to express this so loudly. Not so publicly. Like muffling a baby's first cry at birth.
Finding an umbilical cord that leads to blurs. Names and faces on faded photographs. Some people are barely affected by it all.

All zest for life is gone. Like reading a book to end, no desire to read another word. Not for sadness but for completion.
No, no therapist. No medication needed to talk me out of reality or numb it. Can I ever focus again? On what?
Shhh... don't tell anyone.

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2019 @ rodericke.com

The new me

As some readers might know, I was adopted at age 4. For 50 years, I casually searched for my birth family but in June 2018 my state changed the law so that adoptees could submit forms that would grant identifying information if either the birth parents agree or if they were deceased. I did so and by November 2nd I received my original birth certificate with my biological mother's name. Ironically, I was adopted on November 2nd 1972. Within days I had located my "half" birth siblings. Again, both biological parents were deceased. The biological father died on my birthday in 2017. I was a year too late. Stupid humans telling other humans what they can and cannot know and do. Anyhow...

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