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Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing rolled out a beta program for select authors to offer hardback books to their readers. I was selected to be part of this program and want to pass on the option to my readers. So, if you enjoy the sturdy spine of a hardback book, I now have what you're looking for. I've tried to keep the price to a minimum as I do with my paperback and ebooks. Where some authors may charge $15 or more just for their paperback, I don't even charge that for the hardback. I want you to read my books and not just stuff them back on your shelf but re-read them and share them and get other people interested in them. I didn't write my books to "hear" myself talk, but I wrote them to express the very things I know you are thinking. Please enjoy!

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PVE - A Survivor's Journal

Ark Survival

Do you like a good story? A fictional tale of waking on a strange world by yourself and trying to survive. Could you do it?
Listen to the first 15 minutes of the #audiobook OR get the #paperback or #kindle #ebook

First chapter:

The first fiction by upcoming author, Roderick Edwards is an exciting, nail-biting, night-frighting thriller you can read or listen to in less than 2 hours! Get it today!

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About Preterism: The Book


After spending 15 years in the preterist movement and then leaving it in 2007 to become as Sam Frost once said; "the most hated person" by preterists, Roderick Edwards has finally produced the perfect introductory book for anyone who is interested in learning more about the movement and its concepts.

This no holds-barred, non-polemic, non-slanderous review will allow the reader to better understand how someone becomes a preterist and why. This is a must book for anyone engaging not only with preterists but in any theological discussion.

Learn about this theological perspective before it comes to your church or ministry. While it can stimulate discussion, it can also be a grave damage to any congregation. Historically, simply dismissing something like preterism as "heresy" only causes people to become more curious. Understand why and how anyone could conclude that "Jesus already came back" -- the main tenet of preterism.

Read this short, direct book by a FORMER preterist as he explains it in brutal honesty, even naming names so that you can decide best how to deal with this theological view WHEN it comes to your ministry.
Kindle book:

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Roderick Edwards Begins Publishing

Self-publishing allows people to either provide quality work that would have otherwise been stifled by big publishing allows more junk books to enter the market. Probably a little bit of both. I write a lot, as this website attests. I hope my writing is more than just a quick blog post and is diverse enough to capture the interest of a wide audience.
As you can see, I specifically have kept my site geared to the content. I don't have advertisements popping up in your face every five minutes and I have tested to make sure the structure of the site works on many platforms and not just a desktop computer.

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