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As you know, America is a country of immigrants...but LEGAL immigrants. Ellis Island in New York processed over 12 million immigrants in its 62 years of operation. Research indicates 40 percent of Americans can trace a relative arriving through Ellis Island. (source#1, source#2) The point is, as would be expected from a nation that values law, there are laws and processes that govern how a person can enter the United States. (Summarized position)

During more diligent times, America's immigration policies included such provisions as forbidding entrance of:

  1. Prostitutes and criminals.
  2. Lunatics and "idiots".
  3. Anarchists.
  4. Unaccompanied children.
  5. Illiterate adults.
  6. Communists.
  7. Diseased.

To be sure, more controversial immigration policies were enacted including denying Chinese people admittance. This policy was less about their nationality and more about an attempt to retain jobs for Americans in western states. (source) As immigration policy developed, quotas were added that limited the amount of immigrants that the U.S. would let in each year and from which countries.

According to, the present official policy is that the U.S. limits immigration to 675,000 annually. However, the ILLEGAL immigration from Mexico and Central American countries is estimated to be over 11 million. See the graph below to see the dramatic uptick since the 1980s.

The point is, while America is the most welcoming country in the world, we must consider that some people who come here start off by breaking the law. If they have so little respect for America's laws then why come to America?

People previously came to America to BECOME AMERICAN -- that would mean they would assimilate into the culture of liberty and free-market. Sure, they might retain certain aspects of their culture, but for the most part; they would learn English and engage in free-enterprise.

Many LEGAL immigrants STILL do this. Think of all of the immigrant shop owners who come here with virtually nothing and build a life for themselves; employing others, including other Americans in the process. But what has been happening lately is that people sneak into America with no intention of becoming American. There are even cases where illegal immigrants have protested and during the protests, waved flags from their home country.


Politicians and media often play games with labels, such as calling terrorists "rebels" or calling illegal immigrants "undocumented migrants". Could you imagine applying this kind of reasoning to other situations? How about instead of a thief breaking into your home it was defined as an "undocumented guest entering without proper authorization".

When a person breaks into your home, it is called home invasions. When someone breaks into a country, it is called country invasion.


As you can see from the graph above, the astonishing increase in Mexican and general Latino illegal immigration begs for explanation. Several theories have been put forward but at the heart of it is a lackadaisical border patrol policy which began with president Ronald Reagan in 1986 signing a bill that gave amnesty (illegal immigration forgiveness) to any immigrant that entered the U.S. before 1982. Now look again at the chart above. See when the increase started? How was anyone going to know if the illegal immigrant arrived before 1982; after all they were ALREADY dishonest by coming to America unlawfully. What Reagan did was cause Latino immigration to increase. The reasoning was, "If I can get into America, I can get lying as to when I arrived." Reagan's amnesty bill accounts for 5-6 million of the 11 million illegal immigrants in America today. (source)

Now, step back a moment. Imagine you are from an impoverished third-world country. You have the once-in-lifetime opportunity to go to the greatest place on earth -- the country that has made millionaires out of paupers. You can go to a place where food, shelter, and some sort of employment is plentiful. Many people would take the opportunity, even if they have to break the law. Add to that, what happens presently. Illegal immigrants are provided with welfare, free healthcare and other benefits. Except for the most principled among us, most people would do this to improve their lives. Further, not having the traditional American-mindset of earning your own way; these illegal immigrants are pleased to take whatever handout we are willing to give.

On the other side of the question; we have the guilt-ridden American politician who believes America owes the Latino/aborigine in that they believe since the Spanish were the first to settle America (see St. Augustine Florida); and that Texas was "stolen" from the Mexicans (source) and that the white European decimated the aborigine population; that it is therefore justice that these Latino/aborigines are taking back the stolen nation.

I'm not trying to provoke any sort of racial tension -- that is already provoked by those pushing this continued amnesty for illegal immigration agenda. I'm simply trying to explain WHY so many "American" politicians seem to support illegal immigration. It certainly is not only for the cheap labor or even for the potentiality that these illegal immigrants will vote for them -- or is it?


My policy on day one of my presidency would be to stop all ILLEGAL immigration via a stringent border patrol policy. National Guard troops would be dispatched to the border and a permanent military training zone would be set up all along the U.S.-Mexican border. Understand, I'm not talking about militarizing the border in a way that North Korea and South Korea maintain such a border. I want to see LEGAL immigration actually increase! I want to see eager businessmen and women coming to America to be part of the American Dream. I want to see med students studying to be doctors. I want to see that person who loves the idea of liberty and free-market being able to participate in it.

Lastly, we often hear the word "sustainability" bantered about but what about the notion that we cannot sustain a nation of laws that ignores its own laws. We are not being cruel to the illegal immigrant by denying them entrance or deporting them. If the America they are trying to break into is to remain the place of structure and plenty that they desire, it HAS to safeguard the structure that gave it this result and reputation. America's immigration laws aren't arbitrary or "racist". There is a reason we trying to have a structured and controlled process. It is time to return to that structure. We MUST:


Revising the immigration policy to make it easier for immigrants who have something to contribute to their new home will go a long way into restoring the respect and honor it is to become an American.
Lastly, what do we do with the 11 million illegal immigrants already here. In a perfect world, I would like to see the majority of them deported, for no other reason than they so disrespected America that their first act here was to break our laws. But the reality is, short of having a roving force that seeks out the illegal immigrant and collects them in the middle of the night -- which hardly sounds American to me, we will need to figure out how to handle those already here. We cannot repeat Reagan's mistake of declaring amnesty BEFORE the borders are completely sealed from illegal immigration. This would only spark the same increase as we see on the graph -- people hurrying to get here in hopes of being given free entrance. Instead, we should aggressively pursue the deportation of any illegal immigrant that is found breaking ANY other law along with their being here illegally.

The hope and desire is, that over time; the only illegal immigrants remaining in the U.S. would be otherwise lawful contributors. At THAT point, we could consider some pathway to citizenship. But blanket amnesty is wrong.

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