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Roderick Edwards

What if an average citizen became president? After all, we've seen the messes presidents from both parties have made. We talk about historical firsts such as the first black president and the first woman president but what if we actually elected an average citizen to be our next president? Someone who understands what it is like to live an average life. The requirements are simple:

  1. Be a natural born citizen.
  2. Be at least 35 years of age.
  3. Resident of the USA at least 14 years.

It does NOT require that you have lots of money or have been part of the political class for years and years. So why do we keep electing people who are so UNLIKE us?



First, I have no delusions of grandeur. I realize it is unlikely I could actually win, however more impressive things have happened.
I am foremost running to demonstrate how disconnected the presidency and the method of becoming president has become from the average American citizen.
Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution does not put such a high burden on a citizen. It should be relatively easy, yet for many years now, the office of the President of the United States has only been occupied by the rich, the powerful or the manipulative.
Look at the years 2008-2016. Whatever you think of Barack Obama, there is no evidence that he ever held a private sector job in his adult life. He spent so much of his childhood outside of America he has little knowledge of what it is like to be an average American. Yet, somehow he convinced enough people to elect him twice as president. Or consider George W. Bush, again no matter what you think of him; how is it we elected his father, him and now there is rumor of his brother Jeb Bush running for president. Is it a presidency or a monarchy?

If this can happen, why can't we elect an average citizen. Someone who not only understands how to create shovel ready jobs but has actually personally used a shovel. Someone who not only does think it makes a difference how we treat and protect our citizens but as a citizen would like to make a difference.


I understand that there are 3 possible outcomes to my effort:

  1. It doesn't register on the radar.
  2. It becomes big but I don't win.
  3. I actually win.

I think we can make the 3rd outcome possible if we work together. But I want you to realize how unique this effort will be.


I don't want to run in the way 3rd party and write-in candidates have run in the past. This is the Information Age. The Age of the Internet, of Facebook, of Twitter and of phenomenons like the ALS ice bucket challenge. We should be able to do something historic.
First, I DON'T want to raise any money.
WHAT? How do I expect to win without loads of money. I am not now or ever asking you for money. As a matter of fact, per the election laws, once I receive or spend $5000.00 I would have to start filing reports with the Federal Elections Commission. I don't want to have to play their game.

Since I'm starting this effort in 2014, two years should be long enough to organize an army of support...all without spending a dime.


Like many of you, as an average citizen when I have interviewed for a job, one of the first questions from the employer is Why did I want the job. It is fair to ask that question here. Most politicians will either go on and on about how they are the best person for the job or how they want to change things. Well, I'm here to tell you that I want the job not because other people aren't at least or more qualified but because it is going to take a plain spoken, non-politician American to get America out of the mess the politicians have gotten us into. Do you think the next politician will get us out of the massive debts we're in? How about all the wars we've been in lately? Will they either win them once and for all or really withdraw? Will they heal the racial divisions stoked between us? Will they create the jobs they constantly claim they will create?

I'm running because it will take someone who loves America as it was founded to be -- not someone who wants to radically change it into some warped political nightmare. It is time to be America again!

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