Presidential Simulators


Just as pilots often practice in flight simulators and business people practice in role playing, what if there was a way for us to test who would or wouldn't be a good president. Being a senator or a governor is one thing, but being president is another.

As a fan of simulation games such as; CIV5, Empire Earth and even an occasional SIMS, I wondered how many political simulators there were out there.
A few I have found and tried are:

  1. Democracy 3
  2. President Forever 2016

While geeks like me might find these games amusing, the political aficionado side of me sees latent leftism within these games. For example, Democracy 3 seems to mainly focus on taxation as the only real form of governmental income. The structure is often biased to punish conservative processes within the game.

In President Forever 2016, besides the fact that no one should ever be president for life; this game focuses on simulating a presidential campaign. Since the game developers depicted Sarah Palin as uninformed I decided her character would best represent what elitists might think of a Roderick Edwards campaign.
I altered some of Palin's platform since again, the developers seemed to be mimicking more of what the media thinks Palin is about rather the truth. After the initial result that I was making the Palin character flip-flop, losing some of her supposed right-wing base the game settled. I wasn't given too many surrogates that would campaign on Palin's behalf but I kept plugging away at getting her message out.

Eventually I was able to knock off the other GOP candidates and it came down to Palin and Chris Christie (of all people). Well, I only played the trial version so I never got to see if Palin made it past the primaries but she certainly looked like she was going to pull it off.

I know the criticism will be that games and simulators can't really tell us how well a person would or wouldn't lead the nation but it could bring out their hidden agendas.

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