CNN GOP Debate Review


The first thing that stood out during the CNN GOP Debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on September 16, 2015 is that all the guys except Donald Trump and Jeb Bush wore a red tie. It is ridiculous that these men are so conditioned by P.R. to wear the "power color". Next, the out of the box attack on Trump with the first question as to whether the other candidates were comfortable with his finger on the nuclear launch codes was so predictably Leftist CNN type questioning. It certainly started out not as a "debate" but rather as a Trump take down. The CNN plan was clearly to make the GOP candidates themselves to look like a bunch of squabbling fools, rather than asking legitimate questions. Why ask these sophomoric questions? The moderators seemed more interested in prompting personal attacks rather than talk about policy and issues.

Bush tried to look commanding by trying to cut off Trump but Bush ended up looking more like a fool. But the moderators finally got away from the prompting of personal attacks and started asking questions about Syria (and its support by Russia). Jake Tapper, the moderator was purposely combative and demeaning, repeating saying things like "you didn't answer the question or "so what I heard was...". Trump implied as a business man he could improve relations with Russia, China and other nations to at least stabilize the world. Carly Fiorina answered that she would increase the military and not talk with Russia, which would distance Russia even further.

Ted Cruz was asked about his position of "tearing up the Iran Deal" being an inexperienced position. Cruz made it clear that the deal should have never been made and is against the interests of the USA. Rand Paul said he would first see if Iran was complying. He presented a less isolationistic position than he had in the past, saying we must continue to engage the world. Cruz clarified that we wouldn't know if Iran is complying with the deal, so all the candidates saying they would keep the deal but act against Iran if they "cheated" were not being rational. Fiorina linked the Iran Deal with the Planned Parenthood issue; saying one was about the defense of our country and the other was about the defense of the character of our country -- to cheers and applause.

Again the moderators liked to turn the debate into a personality contest, trying to pit Trump and Fiorina against each other about "looks". It is petty for the moderators to waste time on these topics. But when we got back to the policies; Trump and Ben Carson agreed we must first build a fence or wall. Bush didn't want to deport illegal immigrants because he thinks it costs too much and makes America look bad. The moderators continued to try to pit the candidates against each other on personal issues rather than policy issues. But Cruz brought it back to record versus record rather than personalities. What seemed obvious is that whenever the candidates started talking about the Democrats or Obama, the moderators attempted to move on.

Carson explains about how taxing richer people at higher bracket is fundamentally un-American. Paul agrees, but Trump wants to continue the graduated or bracket tax system. But again the moderators return to trying to pit candidate against candidate personally by asking Trump about Macro Rubio's concern that Trump know all the names of our "enemies". The irony is, CNN misidentified a lady in the audience as Nancy Reagan ... really?

Perhaps the one question that was very important is when the moderator asked Trump when he will start naming who is advisors are going to be. Trump did not give any names but promised to surround himself with strong advisors.

Wow....getting bored... more later

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