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Abortion or birth control is a topic that is often used to easily divide politicians or political parties. Traditionally, liberals or Democrats have supported abortions either on demand or at later terms of pregnancy. Republicans and conservatives have traditionally been more likely to advocate for limited use of abortion. The pro-life position ranges from accepting abortions only in cases of rape or known harm to the mother or baby if carried full term; to some that would restrict abortion no matter what the circumstances. Between the pro-life and pro-choice positions, the animosity ranges from accusation of murdering babies to trying to control a woman's body. This topic, perhaps more than any has been used by politicians to embolden their base.

I've outlined the positions so that I can now tell the voter my position. First, we must decide 2 important issues:

  1. When does human life begin?
  2. Who has control over human life?

These questions are important because it used to be that pro-choice advocates would claim that it was always the woman's "choice" if she wanted to abort, but only while the baby was not able to survive outside the womb. This is the reason, the initial abortion laws only allowed a woman to get an abortion under 12 weeks (3 months). Different states allowed abortions at early stages of pregnancy and thus you would hear of women traveling to those states to get a "legal" abortion. In 1992, the criteria for allowing abortions went from a trimester basis to a "viability" basis. So, again the question stands; WHEN DOES HUMAN LIFE BEGIN?

Perhaps a pro-choice advocate would claim the question is irrelevant because the woman should always have the control over her own body even over the other life that may be inside. This leads us to where we are today where abortions are often conducted all the way up to the very due date of delivery. The viability of the baby doesn't matter. We even have what is often called "partial birth abortion" where the baby will be partially delivered and killed. This is typically a measure to avoid the "first-breath" clause where a baby is considered viable if it can breathe on its own. So, the partial birth abortion makes certain the baby's head never comes out of the birth canal to take that first breath. The baby is either killed by injecting poison into it so it dies before exiting the womb or by cutting its brain or other organs while still in the womb.

Many people think abortion is a modern day issue, never considered by the founders of America. But James Wilson, one of the original signatories of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and one of the original Supreme Court Justices said human life begins the moment movement can be felt in the womb.

"In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By the law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence, and, in some cases, from every degree of danger. - source Of the Natural Rights of Individuals 1790

However, my position is that life begins at the moment of conception; the moment the sperm seeds the egg. I take this position because it isn't subjective. The feeling of movement or the supposed viability of a baby outside the womb is not a constant. It is possible, that one day science will allow the viability of a baby outside the womb at the very moment of conception or with the advent of "test tube" (in vitro) fertilization, that day may already be upon us.

So, our next question is WHO HAS CONTROL OVER HUMAN LIFE?

Again, many abortion advocates are claiming the woman has complete control of the life within her at all times. Even the U.S. government is moving in that direction. However, they still prosecute women who induce miscarriages or birth their babies and then abandon them; dead or alive. There is a bit of hypocrisy in this position that a woman always has full control over the life within her womb. It seems the State only deems that true if she allows State sanctioned facilities to perform the abortion. Otherwise the State and many pro-abortion advocates will claim that any limit to a woman's ability to end her pregnancy is an infringement upon her rights.

Interestingly, the State often infringes upon parental control of their own children once the child is outside the womb; from forcing us to educate them in a manner the State deems fit or even to the point that the State will give our children birth control without our consent. It is extremely dangerous when we by our actions give the State control over human life. We let them define when life begins and who has control over it; and most often the State takes on this role.


  1. All human life, has the natural right to exist no matter at what stage -- while in the womb to the elderly
  2. A baby is a separate entity; a "person" which has rights separate of the carrier/mother
  3. The State, federal or local should NOT have the ability to determine if a human life is viable; neither while in the womb or the elderly

Lastly, the question candidates are often asked is if they would try to outlaw abortion. While I suspect, based on the rather un-American actions by Barack Obama of passing laws by executive order, a president could theoretically outlaw abortion on day one of taking office; I wonder how that would work? Would we be prepared to deal with the potentiality of riots? Should a president really just summarily undo laws that have been in effect for decades? While I certainly would wish that no woman would choose to kill her unborn baby, I wonder at the power and authority a president has to summarily undo these things? I certainly would immediately attempt to curtail abortion being used as form of birth control. I would immediately ban States and facilities performing abortions on minors without their parent consent. I immediately urge the passage of laws that require a woman to view ultrasounds and be shown and taught that what she wants to kill is not a glob of tissue but an actual human being with fingers, eyes and mouth and such. I would immediately DE-FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD unless they stop performing abortions. I would urge spermicides to prevent conception in cases of rape or incest and such. (Some Roman Catholics and others often find spermicides to also be unacceptable). I would constantly be talking about "beautiful and undeviating, human life, from its commencement to its close". I believe that our society suffers much because we value life so little; whether we are talking about life within the womb or our grandparents.


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