Patient Zeros



All conspiracies aside for a moment, when we hear of accounts of people dying from the #Coronavirus why isn't one of the first questions on our minds; "How did they get it?" If we dare ask that question anytime BEFORE the 25 condolences, we are called "insensitive" or lacking compassion. I get that sometimes it will be impossible to determine a potential root cause but aren't we doing ourselves a great disservice and danger by not attempting to identify the very things (and people) that are spreading this virus?
Obviously, #selfisolating and #socialdistancing aren't fully working as it seems those people are STILL contracting #Covid19. We need to figure out the susceptibility factors of this disease. We delude ourselves with platitudes of "it's everyone's disease" when we need to be isolating the root causes and susceptibilities. They did the same thing with the AIDS epidemic; claiming it was "everyone's problem" -- which in some ways it is and other ways it isn't. According to CDC's own stats, close to 89% of all initial infected were homosexual or drug users who shared needles. (

Right now, someone reading this is saying, "Sooo" and is accusing me of homophobia. Emotional, "social justice" responses will not help us identify and protect and treat the "patient zeros" of the initial outbreak of ANY future pandemic. Instead, we'll waste time and effort with propaganda campaigns that focus on everyone so that we can feel like we are not being "discriminatory". This "everyone" effort wastes time and resources such as testing everyone even if they aren't in the demographic. We see how quickly test kits keep running out because everyone with a cough is getting tested.


Of course there is a danger in identifying the root causes. It may make a person think that if they are outside the demographic, that they are immune. It could also lead to hostility (via fear) toward the patient zeros. But we still need to ask the questions: How did the virus get to this place? Who was in contact with whom? Did they have contact with people outside the USA or a hotzone? Was there coughing or sneezing from the person that spread it or does it seem like the newly infected contracted simply by breathing the same air? There are a lot of questions people are telling us "don't matter" and that we are simply supposed to say "I'm sorry for your loss" or "I'm praying for you". What about helping determine the cause/reason why it spread so that we may avoid those actions. And no, simply staying inside for 2 weeks 2 months 2 years isn't going to resolve this problem. Neither is saying, "You will think differently if you or someone you love gets it!" We need to determine the patient zeros and how we can help treat them BEFORE they spread it.

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