Christian Who Cares

Who cares if you're a Christian?

United States

If modern Christianity had any effectiveness, Bill Clinton would have been hauled out of the White House after he admitted to adultery in the Oval Office. And Donald Trump would have never been elected president in 2016 for being a twice divorcee...and I voted for Trump. But the moral mettle of Christianity isn't based on how it affects governments since after all, John the Baptist had his head lopped off for opposing a king's divorce. The corruption of government has been timeless but where Christianity fails today is its influence on the culture where it resides. Historically, Christianity has permeated the culture; making converts of the population not via threat of violence such as Islam does, but through debate and example. People wanted to be Christians because of the superiority of the argument. But modern Christianity thinks it shouldn't engage culture. It is the false and unbiblical "judge not lest thy be judged" mentality that allows "pastors" to openly declare they welcome homosexuals into the congregation or even be homosexual themselves. Modern Christianity is a social club meeting on Sundays and sometimes on Wednesdays with an occasional "revival" fun fair just to get some project funded. Okay, maybe I'm being too rough, but really Christianity has become a joke.


Well, if I could be the pope of Protestantism (since I'm not Roman Catholic or XYZ) what would I do? Am I doing everything I should in being the best Christian I could be? What would that look like? Do I need to help out at soup kitchens? March in front of abortion mills? Do I need to sell everything and take up street preaching? What makes a person a "good" Christian? Can I be a good Christian AND be a middle-class office worker, husband and father? Then why do I expect other Christians to do more than what I do?

I'm not asking people to do radical or drastic things. You need not be a radical socialist like Rob Bell, especially since Jesus wasn't a radical socialist advocating the end to economies. He had an opportunity to make many political and socio-economic points but Jesus was less concerned about taxes, equal rights, or your "pride" and was more concerned about your soul. So, how do we get Christianity to re-focus on the SOUL/SPIRIT rather than all the...well..crap? We can say people need to get back into church but with dudes like Rick Warren leading those churches that isn't where you need to be. How about reading the Bible more? Yeah, that's always good since it is God's communication directly to humanity. But then what?


Ironically enough, Christianity needs to go war. Not like the Jihadist Muhammad imitators that follow Islamic example of "slaying the infidel wherever they are found", but rather more of a Paulian "war" of debate with the masses. When the apostle Paul found himself surrounded by agnostics on Mars Hill, he didn't slink away quietly so as not to be offensive. Rather he proclaimed Christ to them, often turning their own logic back on them. (Acts 17:22-31). We have been so beat down and told to sit down and shut up that we don't speak up when we find ourselves on our own personal "Mars Hill". We need to go to war with the hostile forces around us but it need not be a mean war. Have you ever wrestled with a pet or a small child. It is playful not violent. You aren't trying to destroy them, nor should we seek to destroy the opponents of Christianity. Many of the people with which you will engage are merely products of years of social engineering and societal indoctrination and.... fake news. What you say to them will sound as odd to them as Paul's words to those Greeks. They have been conditioned to reject it. It doesn't mean you trick them into accepting it, but rather you engage their false narratives, their imaginary utopias. Reality has a way of breaking through.

But if we remain silent, if we do not engage then no one will be shocked by Bill Clinton's sex in the White House and his lying to cover it up. No one will care if Obama says he will rob one person and give it to another. No one will bat an eye at a guy who says crude things but still ends up being the best option in an election. Our culture will be corrupt from the top to the bottom. As for me, I'm going to try to be the best white-collar worker for Christ I can be and boldly proclaim him to the Athenians within my scope.