Excel Help: Formulas and VBA


What if there was an Excel Tool that did most of the things you try to do each day? Comparing two columns to figure out which is different. Or close all your open workbooks, saving some and not others? How about increasing a range of cells by a certain percentage markup? Using my 20+ years with Excel proficiency I have developed a free Excel tool that I share with users. It's free because I want to help people who like me search for solutions from people rather than companies. You can get my XLSuperTool at this link. But what if you need more detailed help with your Excel spreadsheet or workbook project? I have helped people from all sorts of industries; Logistics, freight forwarding, banking and finance, personal fitness, warehousing, and sales. See experience. Since 2007, I have had a presence on MrExcel which is a very helpful forum for quick Excel-based questions.


As many programs and applications moving to web-based or cloud-based platforms; especially where the end-user can access via a mobile device like their smartphone, people seek Excel spreadsheets that also operate in this way. With Google Docs and other online document platforms, you can achieve some of the desired result. However, much of the VBA or complex formulaic ability is lost. While some programmers may advise to simply move to Microsoft Access or some sort of database solution such as SQL, most end-users are still more comfortable with Excel. The Access and SQL solutions often feed Excel spreadsheets anyway. Further, Microsoft seems to be doing more development of its online version of Microsoft Office; Office 365. Many new functions often appear here first. For example, the very extensive power MAPS functions. Some of these functions find there way into the "desktop" version of Excel.

Another issue that arises every once in a while is the attempt to replace Excel with an alternative spreadsheet product such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Drive or others. While I've used some of these, they simply do not compare to the development and power of Excel (and no, I'm not being paid to say that). There are just too many problems in using these knockoffs; from inter-compatibility to unexpected erroneous results to the need to convert file extensions.


If you need quick help on an Excel formula or even VBA coding, sign up for a free MrExcel or Ozgrid account and post your question. You'll usually get an answer back within minutes. Again, I've been doing Excel for over 20 years and still use these great resources. The people are very helpful.

For more complex projects, you will probably need to hire someone. Again, I have been helping people in all sorts of industries and would be glad to give you a free quote. Hired Help Thanks again for reading.