What About the Next Black President?


As Barack Obama's presidency comes to an end, let us consider what has happened and what will happen. First, why is it that liberals think they own the realm of civil rights? In truth, the first civil rights act was passed in 1866 and was OPPOSED by Democrats. See the PBS documentary on it here. In fact, the Democrats so opposed it that the Democrat president, Andrew Johnson vetoed it, and the Republican Congress had to overturn his veto. The 1866 Civil Rights Act in short 'granted citizenship and the same rights enjoyed by white citizens to all male persons in the United States "without distinction of race or color, or previous condition of slavery or involuntary servitude."' It was the Democrats who then imposed the so-called Jim-Crow laws on black-Americans -- making them use separate bathrooms and such.

And also, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in case anyone thinks the Republicans of 1866 were different than the Republicans of today -- the vote on the original bill was counted as follows with yeas on the left and nays on the right side.

  • Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)
  • Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)

And even on the final version of the bill, we see that the majority support for Civil Rights came from the Republicans.

  • Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
  • Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)


The point is, the idea that the first black president would just naturally come from the Democrats is historically flawed. In fact, the first black senators were ALL Republicans -- see list. When we look at the Congress, which is the House elected directly by the people, the list is even more impressive. Of the first 21 black congressmen, ALL were Republicans. The first black Democrat congressmen wasn't elected until 1935. However, since then, strikingly there has only been 4 black Republican congressmen. Why? Is it because white Americans won't vote for them or because black Americans have been led to believe that all black politicians must be Democrats?


The problem is, whomever the next few black presidents may be; he or she will feel like they must pay homage to Obama as being the pioneer. They will automatically feel like they must be somewhat liberal. It is a shame that this will happen. It is a shame that the first...well, half-black president felt the need to "fundamentally change" America into a more socialistic country. This may compel the next few black presidents to follow the pattern. Oh, how much better it would have been for the first to have upheld the rich history of his forebearers who supported the American ideas of freedom -- those same ideas that passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and 1964. It would be amazing if the next few black presidents strongly stated that they are here to UNDO the damage done by a novice, American-hating socialist who had spent so little time in America that he had no idea what it meant to be an American. It would be amazing if they stated that they are here to restore the honor not only of being American, but being a proud and productive black American who isn't here to live in the past, but to really dwell in the present and the future. Not merely as a "race" of people; to which the Democrats seem to always perpetuate, but instead as a truly American people who take their place in history as being judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. It will be amazing when we get to the point that people -- especially media and politicians STOP highlighting the color of a person's skin and care more about the content of their policies. Are they pro-American? Are they trying to maintain and improve on the things that make America the greatest nation on the face of the planet; or will they continue Obama's 'woe is me' ploy; and try to destroy America and remake it into a socialist paradise which as we are seeing is no paradise at all.


But it is not only about the next black presidents. What about the first woman president? Why do we think that too must be a Democrat? Why do we think Democrats are the champions of the so-called underclasses when in reality and historically it has not been so. And as a matter of fact, it is the Democrats who perpetuate and even create these classes by telling them they cannot be anything without their aid -- yet the Democrats seem to keep these people in this neverending condition so that the Democrats again and again can promise them something if they vote for them. Again, as with black congressmen, the first women in congress were ALL Republicans. See list. I think there are ulterior motives why Democrats must demonize women like Sarah Palin. They cannot abide with a conservative woman being "the first woman president" or even the first woman vice president. They MUST try to take all these positions to perpetuate the LIE that they are for the "little guy" when historically it has not been the case. Unfortunately, the Democrats seem to be winning this P.R. campaign and painting the Republicans as the party of old white guys, when historically the opposite is true.

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