Weakness of the Hairless Ape


Imagine for a moment that what the evolutionists say is true, that humans are merely evolved hairless apes. Let us explore the rationality of such a belief.

We will not attempt to refute the concept but for a moment, we will assume it is true.  If we are nothing but hairless apes, why then do we restrain ourselves from doing whatsoever we desire?  I mean, if a person can get away with theft, murder, rape and anything that may be self-serving why not do it?

The response may be that we live in societies and in order to keep order, some hairless apes purposely obey laws setup by other hairless apes.  But what an admission of weakness we have here.  So, one hairless ape submits to the will of other hairless apes only because he or she is too weak to oppose them?  Perhaps the protest will come that "No, instead they willfully obey laws that are mutually beneficial to all".  Really?  I would think in a world where there is no moral or ethical absolutes, an individual would do what benefits self as long as they can get away it.  And THIS conclusion is more rational than saying an individual acquiesces to the rules of those with more power out of some communal duty.  In such a case, criminals are more rational than those who would restrict themselves to the power of other hairless apes.

It is a pitiful position to be in.  Being a hairless ape that admits being so weak that other hairless apes impose their beliefs and rules upon you is worse than a religious person who believes a Divine Purpose (God) is at work in all things.  At least the religious person can admit that he or she obeys laws (even those imposed by people who believe they are merely hairless apes) because God has so instructed them.  That is, the religious person is not a slave to other individuals out of weakness but out of obedience to a higher power.

So, next time you have a discussion with an avowed atheist, don't get bogged down with proving if there is or isn't a God, simply let them be hairless apes and show that they are weak by constraining themselves.  They are to be pitied, to be laughed at for following traffic laws in the middle of the night when no one is around, for suffering through life as other hairless apes attain wealth and status all because they are too weak to over throw them.

If believing that a Divine Purpose (God) created the universe, created the earth, created the humans distinctly different than all the other animals on earth is to be contrasted with believing one is a hairless ape, then I shall take rationality and purpose every time.

Those who would debate us on the supposed rational flaws of believing in God ought not be allowed to take the offensive.  It is THEY who are irrationally putting themselves in subjection to rules and laws made simply by the more powerful.  It is they who are weak and pitiful; to be laughed at as the lowest class of their kind if indeed we are merely hairless apes.  When they speak of "good" or "bad" they have no basis for such distinctions for all such distinctions in their system are subjective and relative.

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