All the Great Walls

Border Wall

With all the talk of building a wall between the United States of America and Mexico maybe it is proper to take a look at all the Great Walls of history; because despite all the critics who say walls are divisive or counter productive, walls in history were built to preserve and protect a culture from destruction. Most cities had walls until the invention of gun powder and other explosives made it pointless since walls could easily be breached. Perhaps this is what will happen to the U.S.-Mexico wall which will in turn require laws as what will happen to someone who attempts to destroy parts of the wall. Since, presumably the entire wall will be built within the U.S. so that both sides of the wall will be within the U.S., a person attacking the wall would be doing so by attacking U.S. territory. Could they be tried as terrorists?

Here is a list of the more famous walls of history. The walls in this list do not protect cities as much as entire regions. The list is in no particular order except perhaps common reference.

The Great Wall of China

Country: China
Build Date: 7th century BC to 1644AD
Span: 5,500-13,171 miles
Purpose: Mainly to keep out Mongolian invaders
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Hadrian's Wall

Country: Britain
Build Date: 122-128AD
Span: 73 miles
Purpose: To protect Roman citizens from Northern British "barbarians"
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Berlin Wall

Country: East Germany
Build Date: 1961-1980AD
Span: 91 miles
Purpose: To keep the "fascist" West out (actually to keep East Germans from leaving)
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Israeli West Bank Barrier

Country: Israel
Build Date: 1994-2014AD
Span: 440 miles
Purpose: To stop Islamic terrorism from Muslim areas
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U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Country: United States
Build Date: planned 2017
Span: 1000-1500 miles
Purpose: To prevent illegal entry into the U.S. via Mexico
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