Should Christians Vote for Trump



Christians may be asking if they should or can vote for Trump? After all, Trump is not the epitome of Christian virtues. Donald Trump's past does not reveal a Christian man. Even worse, Trump was asked if he has ever asked God for forgiveness. He responded:

"I have a great relationship with God. I have a great relationship with the Evangelicals...I like to be good. I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don't do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad." -- source

This should be enough to stop Christians from voting for Trump, after all to be "saved" a person MUST repent. They MUST ask for forgiveness. If Trump has never done that, he is admitting he isn't a regenerated or "born again" Christian. Yet, Christians ARE voting for Trump. So, how do they reconcile this? Are they compromising their faith by supporting Trump? Or do they use the line; "I'm voting for a president not a pastor"?

Before we answer that question, let's take a brief moment to understand how the media is approaching this. First, have you noticed the media uses the word "Evangelicals" rather than Christians. Why do they do this? It is simply part of the media's (via the Leftist, secular mindset) way of classifying people into groups. To the media, Evangelicals are Christians who actually believe and follow the Bible. There are other types of Christians but to the media, Evangelicals are... well...the people who take the Bible literally. Evangelicals are stupid, yet rigid and judgmental. To the media, they think Evangelicals should be all in for Ted Cruz. To the media, Trump is everything Evangelicals are supposed to despise and look down their noses upon. It makes no sense to the media that any Evangelical would support Trump...well...unless they are racists, bigots like the media always portrays.

But what the media and world does not understand is that Christians do not separate or compartmentalize their ideologies. They attempt to allow their Faith to govern all their other actions and the first principle of the Christian Faith is honesty. If a person isn't honest then everything else they say and do is pointless. It is sort of like how the Leftists come around every year at Christmas or Thanksgiving and man soup kitchens yet don't display any charity any other time of year. This FAKE morality is more repugnant than Trump's brash yet honest presentation. Christians would rather support someone who is open and honest even if they are not Christian. Unlike how the media portrays Christians as close minded sheep; most Christians can and do interact with people of other religions or no religion on the common ground of honesty. So, Trump's appeal for Christians is his open and transparent love for America. Does Trump have a "liberal" history? Indeed, but he is saying all the things Christians and Americans want to hear. While it is true that electing a president is different than electing a pastor; most Christians want to see someone who will not say as many politicians claim; "My faith will have no impact on the way I govern". Either that politician is lying or their Faith is worthless because it doesn't govern their character and actions. Trump has been very clear that he "talks to and advises himself". So, what you will get from Trump is what he says. He certainly has shown that he isn't playing the typical politician game of waiting for consultants or polls to tell him what to think and say. He owns his words and rarely walks them back as most politicians do when the media pressures them. This is the quality that is attractive to Christians.


Cruz has a more consistent history of presenting himself as Christian, so why don't Christians flock to him? There could be several reasons. While Cruz is certainly different than many typical politicians, in that Cruz has stood up to even the establishment in the Republican Party, Cruz is still very politician like. For instance, during the Chicago riots at Trump's rally; it was clear that those riots were an example of typical fake "tolerance" of the Left. The Leftists actually are a mob of totalitarians and fascists that will riot and do violence until they get their way. Cruz could have joined Trump in pointing this out but instead Cruz attempted to use it to score against Trump. That is something we all saw.

Further, Cruz has solicited the support of men like John Hagee and David Barton. (source) These are charlatans to most Christians. Fake televangelists that do more damage to Christianity's reputation than anything Trump could say. Cruz's association with Hagee and Barton calls into question his understanding of Bible-believing Christianity just as much as Trump's reluctance to ask for forgiveness. And don't get me wrong; I'm not questioning either man's salvation -- that's between them and God. But, really? Hagee and Barton? Men who are right there with all the wacko end of the world predictors who keep getting it wrong and having to readjust their books? Cruz's association with these men is as bad as saying two Corinthians rather than 2nd Corinthians as Trump did when attempting to quote from this book of the Bible.

So, the question of whether Christians can vote for Trump or if Christians should vote for Trump isn't so clear. No president of the United States has been the perfect example of a Christian. It is easier to work with an honest person than a "moral" yet dishonest person. Christians are tired of people who pretend to be Christian and then act in a way that is clearly not. Look at Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama; both who claim to be Christians. If Trump does the things he is promising to do; secure the border, scrutinize hostile immigration policy (such as limiting Muslim travel to the U.S. temporarily), and increase military strength that will go a long way. So many politicians say these things yet when they get in office, they give all kinds of excuses why they couldn't get them accomplished. For example, the Republican Party kept saying they couldn't slow down Obama's agenda because they didn't control the Senate. Yet when they attained control, they still have been just as ineffective. People are tired of this. They are willing to take a chance with someone who may not be the shining example of Christianity but does appear to be honest and strong and unrelenting in his resolve.

There is no Bible precept that says a Christian must only support a confessed Christian politician. As a matter of fact, Jesus dissuaded people in his time from rebelling against the pagan Roman rulers. Jesus taught that all rulers are put in place by God and that law is for the lawless. A Christian need not really worry who the president is, except to elect someone who is honest and has a love for the country as it was founded. We do not live in a theocracy and I'm certain most Christians wouldn't want to. The founders did not design America to be a theocracy. Vote your conscience. Vote for whoever you think is going to be honest and whoever you think will move America back to the free market, capitalistic country it was founded to be. The Faith of the country is another matter and will need to be addressed with much prayer and by men better than the likes of Hagee and Barton. Turn on any televangelist and you'll see how rotten they have made the Christian Faith out to be. If you want to take up a cause against bad theology, there is your starting point.