USA Independence

Why America is Different than all other countries.

United States

With all the talk of how the world will laugh at or hate America unless it becomes more like the rest of the world, it is important at the time of our independence celebration to re-enlighten the world how and why America's history is so different. I know the mere assertion of the difference of America triggers many America-haters into a froth mouthed frenzy.

At the time of America's declaration of independence, almost every country in the world was some form of monarchy or dictatorship. So when the ragtag new colonists in the New World decided to revolt and become a new nation, they did not merely become independent from England but rather we broke free from the collective oppression of the entire world. We in essence told the world they were doing government wrong. We decided not to re-create a monarchy but chose instead to be a type of Republic the world had never seen.
A Republic which was not as many despotic nations claim today to be a "people's republic of XYZ" but rather the United States of America would be a Republic where the individual and the rights of the individual superseded both the State AND the masses. We were not going to be a "socialistic democracy" like most of Europe has become today. We would have a Constitution that ingrained the individual into every facet. This is the reason that when leftist chant "democracy!!!" or advocate for the equality of groups over the equality of the individual, we Americans see this as an attack on that hard fought liberty of 1776.

When the Founders came together to determine the type of leadership for this new Republic, there was debate not only to what powers the leader would have but even what the leader would be called. Some wanted to call the position, "Chief Magistrate", or "Your Highness" but that didn't seem fitting for a nation of free men who had just thrown off the yoke of pretension. Finally the Congress (the house of the people) decided on the most humble title they could convey: "President". At the time, a president was such a low level administrator who merely presides over a meeting, thus "Presid-er". At first, the Senate (the house of the career politicians) objected to such a low esteemed title. What would the rest of the world think? How could they take us seriously? Not only would the officer of the United States be ridiculed but the office itself would be without dignity and respect. -- reference:

So, all the talk of America needing to be more like Europe or our president being more like other world leaders is a sham against our history. Anyone who goes around advocating that America must become like some foreign power or that the president must act "presidential" has no knowledge of our history. America's independence is the revolution of the individual and the rights and equality of the individual as a person rather than some class or group...or race, or gender, or any other sub group that anti-American leftists can conjure. This Independence Day is time to remember our freedom as individuals!