What's Wrong with America?


America failing

If the USA were a person many people wouldn't like her. Not because she sometimes comes off as arrogant or entitled but because she is schizophrenic and bipolar to the extent that you could not trust her. Unfortunately, this unintended side-effect was built into America as a nation. In the Founders' attempt to keep America from being like all the monarchies that existed at the time, they designed our system to be this inconsistent, unreliable thing it is today. Let me explain.

By design, every 4 years America elects a new president. While the Founders intended the office of president to be not much more than a "presider" over a meeting, the role eventually morphed into perhaps the most powerful position in the world. And while our founding documents are supposed to limit the power of the president and the other branches of the government are supposed to keep a check and balance on the presidency, it is clear throughout America's history that the office wields an exorbitant amount of power. No, this is not a bash Trump article. All American presidents are guilty of making America into the schizo mess she is today. When one president sends pallets of cash in the middle of the night to Iran and the next president kills one of Iran's top leaders; that is one broad that can't be trusted. Who is she?

What's wrong with America is that the various presidents DON'T look beyond their "legacy". Any new president will have to deal with the direction the previous put into place. And if that direction is not good for American interests, the new president's change of course will add to that bipolar effect. It is just as possible that the next president of the USA comes into office praising Iran. We cannot have a coherent "foreign policy" as long as we don't have a consistent principle of...well...of "America First". Any human being would be told to look out for themselves first. In that way, the person could possibly help others. But as a nation, we are told to self-loath and be guilt-ridden. We are told to shut our mouths because we deserve our present situation because we "stole" this land. We are told as a people that we caused all the ills in the world. That we're greedy son's-a-bitches imposing our will on everyone else. And sometimes, we are...at least our presidents' are.

Many of these presidents even lecture us, telling us "That's not who we are" when we as a people want to do something different than the president thinks we should do.


Do I have a fix? I'm not certain. America has been broken for a long time, especially after the 17th amendment messed up how the Congress and Senate were supposed to function. They now act like opposing football teams, with each political party trying to make the team. The original design was supposed to have the Congress as the "house" of the people and the Senate as the "house" of the state's interests. Ever since the 17th amendment, the Senate is directly populated by the voters rather than by governors and state legislators as designed.

Next, ever since FDR (maybe before), presidents realize they can greatly affect the future of America by implementing "programs". Whether it is social security or Obamacare, such sweeping, intrusive changes to our society should not be decided by one person in the course of 4 or 8 years. The long term potential negative effects need more input. Besides, the main reason the U.S. government exists is simply to protect citizens from outside invasion so that we can go about our daily lives. It was never meant to "hope-and-change" us into some progressive utopia where we all enjoy a Coke and smile and sing kumbaya while we all get our all-paid "free" government life (listen up Bernie!). The government of America was supposed to be the least intrusive government system ever to exist. But many presidents forget or don't agree with the idea and instead think of themselves and the position as some messianic changer of other people's lives.

So, what's wrong with America is that the presidency; the government in general is often NOT in the best interests of a non-intrusive life Americans are supposed to be living. Presidents and politicians seem to want to impose upon us. They want to get "revenge" against one group of Americans for another group of Americans. Then add their foreign policy to that mix and you have a schizophrenic, bipolar America that no one trusts. What's the saying? "You do you and I'll do me" was the original intent of America. The charity and generosity, common welfare we then express would be genuine and not forced nor extorted from us by some government agency that compels us to "pay our fair share". And no, roads and basic infrastructure would STILL be funded. If Mayberry wants a new road into town, the people will come together and fund it or it won't happen. No more forced bridges to nowhere or bullet trains with politician names on the side. It is time to tell the presidents and politicians of America to START BEING AMERICAN and stop trying to build a legacy.

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