Unity vs Equality


Come Together

The American Constitution is an unique document because it was forged not by a bunch of old dead whites guys imposing their views on a new nation, but rather it is the culmination of all of humanity's best ideas. The framers of the Constitution of the United States drew upon the history of the world and what had been a reoccurring issue with previous governments; the problem of tyranny. Tyranny can and did come in the form of monarchies, dictatorships and mobs. The challenge before the Founders of the USA was how to fashion a Constitution that would be effective at keeping tyranny in check. One thing that they realized is that the rights of the individual must be paramount to everything. The individual must be more important than the State and the mob. This is the reason America is a Republic and NOT a Democracy...even though politicians such as Hillary Clinton in her "concession" speech keep calling America a "Constitutional Democracy". The Framers built the right and protection of the individual into everything; our Bill of Rights, our judicial system, even our Electoral College concept when electing our president -- otherwise the mob would always win..

Every time a new president is elected in the USA there are calls for unity and bi-partisan cooperation. But do we really want unity or do we want equality? Unity forces people to accept things they may not want simply for the sake of the mob and its unity, whereas equality allows the individual to exist even apart from the mob yet everyone be equally protected from everyone else's desire to impose their will or ideas on others

Unity forces itself on people. They must be part of the group or they cannot exist. Equality allows a person to exist inside or outside of the group. While this country is literally called The UNITED States of America, the unity is not the type that was supposed to force one state to adopt the ideas and rules of another. It is anti-American to have a centralized government imposing on the states and it is anti-American to have the State (or mobs calling themselves "democratic") imposing upon the individual; beyond imposing an equality. The table below helps to show the distinction between unity and equality.

Everyone agrees Anyone can disagree
Everyone compromises Anyone can opt out
Everyone associates Anyone can opt out
Everyone participates Anyone can opt out

There is no reason that Americans must unify around a centralized authority or centralized policy. America is less about unity or group-think and more about equality of the individual. To impose unity on people is an anti-American concept. However, this does not give anyone license to harm anyone else or infringe upon their liberty to associate or not associate with whomever they like.
Often, politicians seek to use a call for "unity" as a way to subdue their opposition. It seems more likely that Obama and his fellow Democrats merely want "unity" so that they can try to influence Trump's positions. The people didn't vote for unity, they voted for the ideas and policies that Trump advocated. If Trump waffles and becomes or behaves like previous politicians, he will alienate the very people who supported him. It is time to focus on equality over unity.


But how does the law work without unity? Don't people have to agree on what laws should be implemented and enforced? Well, yes and no. First, in a truly free country where equality of liberty is supposed to rule; laws should be so minimal that laws only exist to further protect the individual from the State and mob. Unfortunately, many laws have crept into the American judiciary that attempts to impose unity and even unanimity upon people. Some laws now attempt to force people to participate even if the person isn't otherwise hurting anyone. One example of this is Obamacare which will actually impose financial penalties upon anyone who does not somehow participate in the health insurance industry.

Laws such as stopping at an intersection are imposed upon all only because it protects one individual from the bad actions of another individual. But to summarily impose laws on people that are not for their mutual benefit goes against the very foundation of America. Let us hope for the repeal of any laws that were passed without the interest of the individual in mind.