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The End of the Korean War

Korean unificationUnfortunately the United States needed Russia's help to ultimately defeat the Nazis and the Japanese during World War 2. But this help came at a high price. After the war, Russia and the United States (along with the European allies) would agree to "administrate" portions of the defeated countries; such as Berlin Germany and Korea which was previous controlled by Japan. In doing this, artificial separations were created such as East and West Berlin which would eventually be divided by the notorious Berlin Wall.

Every place where Russia administered, was influenced with Communism and every place the U.S. administered was influenced with Capitalism. This extreme ideological difference and the success of Capitalism would cause not only resentment but attempts of people to escape the Russian administered portion, thus the need for the Berlin Wall to keep people from leaving East Berlin. The same situation happened in Korea. Before the division of Korea, it had been occupied by Japan since about 1910. After World War 2 in 1945, most Koreans sought their complete independence but neither Russia nor the U.S. would allow it, fearing the other side would hold sway over a liberated Korea.

Eventually by 1950 war broke out between the two Korea's as sort of a proxy war between Russia and the United States, This became known as the Korean War; the war upon which the tv show M.A.S.H. is based. In 1953, North Korea signed an armistice with the U.S. (via the U.N.) which ceases conflict but does not official end the war. It is important to note that South Korea was not a signator to the armistice thus unable to offically "end" the war. This is relevant to the situation in 2018 where the U.S. President plans to meet with the North Korean leader to offically end the war.


Once the war is over, will it really be possible to reunite the Koreas? What were the hurdles for reuniting East and West Germany in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall? What actually happened is that the entire Russian backed East government collapsed and was absorbed by West Germany. It does not seem likely that the government of North Korea will willingly disband. Attempting to force a reunification under those conditions is more likely to spark another war. It would take a really humble act for the North to allow itself to be reabsorbed into the Capitalistic South. Perhaps what would be more feasible would be a treaty of open borders and perhaps one of the Koreas simply renaming itself so as to minimize the constant reminder that these are two different "Koreas".

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