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I've never been a big television watcher, however I do enjoy a few series. A lot of times, the series I like get canceled; not because they are bad shows but because the content is too deep for the general public. I don't mean that to sound snooty, it is just a fact that at least the American public has become impatient with anything that takes time to cultivate. We want everything fast. A good story cultivates its plot and its characters.

Stories with "deep content" are often at first rejected as too strange or unapproachable but sometimes later become favorites and even classics. While I don't expect any of these television shows to become classics, I can see how they might influence or mimic popular society. Please take a moment to read this article and perhaps browse the links to read more about these shows. I think you'll find the content richer than shows like Biggest Loser or American Idol.

I generally read only non-fiction and watch fiction, so most of the shows I watch are obviously fiction. Some of those shows have been:

  • Caprica

  • This spin off/prequel of Battlestar Galactica played on the Syfy channel but only lasted one season. While I never got into BSG, Caprica was less about "space" and more about how technology might affect society, as the main character was the daughter of a Bill Gates-like figure. Her consciousness eventually inhabited a robot that her father made. It was just getting good when it was canceled. MORE

  • Terra Nova

  • Terra Nova literally means "land/earth new" or "New Earth". This show was doomed from the get go because of its expense to produce. Many of the sets were amazing while some of them were a bit cheesy. The plot took place in 2149AD where the planet Earth became overpopulated. To remedy some of this, scientists figured out how to send groups of people back to the prehistoric past. We follow various families and factions as they try to dwell among dinosaurs. MORE

  • Vistors or "V"

  • This was a remake of a 1983 miniseries. The remake ran for 2 seasons between 2009-2011 and starred Elizabeth Mitchell (from Lost) as an FBI agent trying to navigate the true intentions of alien visitors from another planet. The show aired about the time "Obamania" seemed to overtake America and the world. Many people interpreted that the show's references to "hope" and "change" and "universal health care" as offered by the sinister aliens was a reference to Obama himself. MORE

Among the shows I currently watch are these (which I worry will be canceled)

  • Revolution

  • Like many recent shows, this is a post-apocalyptic series. Revolution's plot is that of earth in the near future after nanotechs disable all electrical and mechanical technology and basically thrust the world back into the 1600-1800s with various factions fighting for control. This series also has Elizabeth Mitchell as one of the leading cast. So far, the show has made it to a second season. MORE

  • Under The Dome

  • A unique approach, this series takes place in a smaller context rather than a total world apocalypse a small town is trapped under a mysterious dome that came out of no where. We watch as the inhabitants struggle to figure out how they must act and survive in this fishbowl world. MORE

  • Falling Skies

  • Yet another post-apocalypse series where the planet earth is suffering from alien invasion. Am I just attracted to these kind of shows or is there a reason so many are produced when we have political leadership that seems unfocused and undetermined to lead? Anyhow, Falling Skies seems to be making it to season 4. The plot once again stirs the often missing determinism in our daily lives. MORE

  • Defiance

  • Yes, one more post-apocalyptic series where alien invaders and humans are seen trying to rebuild the planet Earth. This one even has a companion online game that is supposed to help dictate the plot of the show. I haven't played the game so I have no idea how much they follow that concept. MORE

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