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Donald Trump

The pundits keep telling themselves that Donald Trump's campaign isn't serious or that he will eventually backout or implode. They can't bring themselves to fathom what happens if Trump is elected. The pundits are so eager to dismiss Trump as a clown, an entertainer or a showman. They are too self-consumed to understand why people are excited about a Trump presidency. They claim people are merely glauming on to "anger" or "hate" for the moment but will decide on a more establishment candidate during the general election.

But let's consider for a moment what happens if Trump wins. First, there is something very interesting to consider. The Leftist politicians (ie the Democrats) spend a lot of energy portraying utter disaster if anyone but a Democrat becomes president or controls the Congress or Senate. They tell their supporters that if anyone but a Democrat attains these positions, that all the "progress" that the Leftists have made will be undone. They paint pictures of Republicans or non-Democrat politicians locking up homosexuals or prosecuting women for having abortions. They claim that all but the Democrats are bigots and backwards. This tone is very divisive and is causing increased polarization that sets the country on a dangerous path. The Democrats utilize this class warfare by default. They put white against black; male against female, rich against poor, and any other grouping that will energize their voters.

So, if Trump takes office in January 2017 we might expect riots. YES, I'm serious. The Leftists in this country actually believe that Trump will roll back all the Leftist Agenda in the first day of office. But the FACT is, when Republican or conservative politicians are elected, they rarely push social agendas. Typically, Republican politicians are more interested in LESS intrusion into the lives of Americans. They are more concerned with carrying out the main function of the Federal government; which is the stability and defensive of America. It is the Democrats that always like to tinker with the very "fundamentals" of culture and society. They attempt to impose and push through by brute force, mob rule, or even executive action all sorts of cultural or societal changes...and they like to claim it is "progress". They never consider the possibility that they are actually eroding the very foundation of America; of society in general.

Leftists oddly enough seem to always have enough free time to protest and riot and even loot and destroy if they don't get their way. It always amazes me how they can take off work for a week to stage their protests. Everyone I know is usually too busy working or raising a family or generally living life to be able to take that much time to protest. Maybe that is part of the problem, too many Americans that love America as it was founded in 1776 don't have the time to go out and oppose those who are trying to "fundamentally transform" America into something other than it has been for nearly 250 years.

What happens if Trump becomes president and then the Leftists go crazy and trigger upheaval if not outright civil war or revolution? At this point, I wonder if the Leftists will accept ANY non-Democrat to become the next president without it resulting in riots. On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is actually elected, the "Rightists" may act out in some manner but typically do not have a history of rioting and looting.


If Trump is elected, it could be a good thing for the long term life of America, because what it will do is break us out of the establishment type politician where the candidate surrounds him or herself with donors or lobbyists that are pulling at the strings. Trump is clearly not beholden to any donors or outside influences. While he is clearly a dynamic character, he genuinely seems to love America as it has existed for 230+ years; even with the flaws. He seems to understand that America is an IDEA before it is a place. Trump's slogan of "Make America Great Again!" is the sentiment that is actually driving people to support him. People are tried of being told we are "racists" or "greedy capitalists". We're tired of the Leftists telling us to be more like some European country. We're fed up with all the walking on eggshells so as not to offend this or that group. We are ready to simply live our lives and other people live their lives and besides coming together for the COMMON STABILITY AND DEFENSE of America (as a country and an IDEA); let us each mind our own business. Stop trying to impose and force us to first "tolerate" then "accept", then "participate" in your agendas and lives.

I've seen Democrats trying to play off Trump's slogan by saying "America is already great" -- which, while it is true in comparison to many of the European countries Democrats urge us to emulate, the Democrats can't really believe that since they're always trying to change and "fundamentally transform" America into something else. Trump simply wants to get America back to its basics. Back to its liberty-loving foundation. Back to its freedom for individuals, instead of the political correct mob rule shoutdown that has become us.

Lastly, I find it a bit interesting that my own slogan for my campaign, which I started in Sept 2014 is "IT'S TIME TO BE AMERICA AGAIN".

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