They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid

Did the Russians make people vote for Trump?

Trump danceAt work today, someone told me the reason people voted for Trump is because they were influenced by Fox & Friends, the Internet and Facebook and all the "garbage" those Trump voters believed that led them to vote for Trump. I then told the person that I have never watched Fox & Friends yet I voted for Trump. While I agree people on both sides of a two-party system will be influenced by the propaganda of the other party, it doesn't explain why people like me voted for Trump. Are people like me just stupid? Were we fooled into voting for someone that doesn't serve our best interests? This is certainly the accusation. The person couldn't account for why I would vote for Trump and at first seemed to not care, as if it was something personal I didn't need to explain. But I wanted to explain. I wanted the person to understand HOW someone could vote for the candidate the person thinks is so bad.


Since the conclusion is preceding the evidence, the evidence must be made to fit the conclusion. In this case the conclusion is:

  • Trump is an awful president

It is expected everyone will agree with the conclusion even if the evidence isn't given first. You are almost shamed into admitting it before the real evidence is presented. Trump is a jerk, a racist, an asshole really. The moment you begin to ask for the evidence you are either given a dismissive smirk or barraged with unsourced and non-factual things like; "Trump said Mexicans are criminals and rapists. Trump wants to ban Muslims from coming into the USA. Trump colluded with the Russians." If you attempt to counter that Trump pointed out that SOME immigrants entering the U.S. illegally through Mexico are criminals and rapists and that Trump wanted to limit entry into U.S. from SOME countries that are predominately Muslim because these countries have higher instances of terrorists or poorly vetted processes; and that after a two year investigation there is STILL no evidence of collusion with Russians by Trump -- these people will then move on to Trump's personality or his penchant for communication through Twitter, which bypasses narrative media.

Am I saying Trump is all sunlight and rainbows? Certainly not but most people DIDN'T vote for Trump because of some article or meme or Fox & Friends. Most of us voted for him because we were tired of BOTH parties lying to us. We were tired of "compromise". We want results. We want someone that does what they say they are going to do. We will even overlook their flaws and flubs if they deliver. We want someone who doesn't apologize for America. We want someone who has ALWAYS been proud to be born in America, not just when their spouse finally gets elected.

The Redneck Theorem is that only stupid people voted for Trump. Only backwards rednecks or racists that want to turn America into a 1950s episode of Andy Griffith. How dare we not want the government to use our tax dollars to pay for someone else's abortion or sex change -- whether we personally approve of those procedures or not. BIGOT!!! Trump voters then get lumped into Nazis and racists and KKK members and anti-immigrant on and on until the casual observer asks "Why the hell would anyone vote for Trump?" They just can't fathom that people in the USA want capitalism over socialism. That we could actually want individual freedom over mob rule "democracy" (America is NOT a democracy is ANY kind -- See link).

So, will these people let us explain why we voted for a multi-millionaire windbag over another multi-millionaire windbag? Will they dismiss us as dupes of Fox & Friends & "alt-right" media? Isn't it a bit arrogant for them to claim that they haven't been influenced while we supposedly have? Isn't it possible that we seen something beyond the rhetoric? Beyond the flash and the marketing? Beyond the politicking and pontificating? Are these people willing to hear us out or will they keep taking polls of each other that claims we are "angry" or we are "stupid" or we are "hateful" of Obama or Hillary or whatever target or manufactured "class" of people they suppose.

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