I Wrote A Speech For President Trump

This is the speech that would change everything...

President TrumpI've written a speech I believe would change everything about how Trump is presented by the media and how even Democrats view him. It is my hope that someone close to him or someone influential will get him to read this and consider giving a similar speech in the coming days:


"Today I stand before you first as a human being. Just like everyone else, I have had challenges in life. I have had ups and downs. I have had sad times and happy times. I'm a husband, a father, and a grandfather before I am a businessman and even before I am president of the United States of America. Unfortunately, there are some in the media that don't want you to see me as a fellow human. They try to dehumanize me as a cheeto or some other little expression. They want you to question my mental capacity. The irony is, their narrative is that I'm a conniving conman or I'm a blathering idiot; either way they can't explain how such a person beat their handpicked Democratic Party candidate. Such a sad shame.

Speaking of the Democratic Party it is time someone actually told you about this party. The Democratic Party literally created the KKK and imposed segregationist Jim Crow laws on black Americans for over 150 years. In the 1960s, during the very height of the Civil Rights Movement, it was mainly Democrats turning hoses and dogs on black Americans. It was Democrats saying very offensive things about Obama during his first run for the presidency; things like saying he is clean and doesn't use a negro dialect. What do they mean by all that? In fact, had the Democratic Party been disband after the Civil War, there would have been potential that the KKK and Jim Crow laws would have never existed. The first 21 black congressmen were all Republicans and black Americans were integrating into America as the citizens they should have always been. Until the Democratic Party scared them out of participating in society and especially in politics. It wasn't until the 1930s under FDR's socialist concepts where he promised government help in exchange for votes that many black Americans were tricked into voting for the very party that oppressed them. In the 1960s, Malcolm X said that if any black American voted Democrat, then they were "traitors to their race". He said black Americans that believed the lie that it was some fictitious Dixiecrat party and not the Democrats that used black Americans for votes, these people Malcolm X called political "chumps". So why do black Americans vote almost 99% Democrat? Because they believed the lies of Lyndon Johnson and other Democrats that promise help just to get their votes. The Democratic Party needs class and race division to keep their voter base going. Why do you think the Democrats are now trying to get illegal immigrants voting rights? They need more dependent people to vote for them. The Democratic Party has no desire to ever see its voters be productive, self-reliant individuals. They must keep them poor and in need.

But beyond political parties, the real issue that is threatening to tear America apart is all the people who hate America. People who were actually born here but hate the free market. They hate individual liberty and would rather see special rights for groups rather than the same rights for individuals. They are vindictive against so-called rich people or people they claim have privilege. They seek quotas based on race or gender or some other division they dream up. They hate capitalism. They hate people who have things they don't. They often hate their own existence. Then all this hate is projected by them onto others. They claim other people are fascists or Nazis when it is actually their own actions that are fascist and Nazi-like as they often block individuals from speaking or even moving freely on roads. They even sometimes destroy other people's property while they are supposedly protesting. This behavior isn't Americanism. Perhaps I should speak like Obama and say their actions are "Not who we are". I mean, these people liked it when Obama would lecture other people on who we are or aren't. Rather, than lecture, I point to the very foundation of this great nation. America is different not merely because we are free. Other nations are also considered free. But America is different because we value the individual over the group; no matter what group it may be.

People who say if America doesn't do this or that it will be laughed at by the world don't seem to understand that America has always been ridiculed by the rest of the world. When the rest of the world was led by monarchs and dictators, America the fledgling nation chose to be led by the very humble position of president. A president was nothing more than a presider over a meeting. The rest of the world laughed at this ridiculous office. Yet, it was America that came to the rescue of the rest of the world not only in the Barbary Wars when "radical Islamists" of the 1700s were attacking European trading ships, but we helped end two world wars and created the very United Nations that now allows entry of non-free nations into that very assembly. America is great because it is made up of all the people of the world that came here yearning to build a new nation, not turn America into the place they came from.

I ran for president because I wanted to see America be great again; not just the economy but in truth to itself. I want to see America face its past and its future. I want to see America realize why it is great in the first place. It is a nation of individuals, not a nation of groups against groups. My campaign didn't change its message to pander to one group over another much like many politicians do. I certainly didn't change my voice inflection like Hillary did when addressing southern people or black people. Nor did I tell black people if they didn't do what I wanted, then I'd only talk to white people -- Yeah, Hillary actually said that. There is even video.

On the subject of Russia. Look, no one who voted for me was ever going to vote for Hillary and no one who voted for her was ever going to vote for me. So if the Russians tried to influence the election or buy advertisements on Facebook, it wouldn't have been very effective...apparently for Hillary. However, there is plenty of evidence that while Obama was in office his administration actually tried to influence Israel's election. No one is denying that Russia and the US have been enemies for most of our relationship but now after the fake news effort to use Russia to overturn an valid election, the prospects of a US-Russia improvement in relations is dimmed. It could have been a new era but instead, Democrats wanted to try to smear me.

On North Korea, Iran and foreign policy in general. America is a super power. This means we don't typically lead from behind like Obama. We don't go bowing to other leaders. We lead. When I say I want to make America great again it doesn't mean I don't want to see China be great or the U.K. be great. Every nation's leaders should want to make their own country great. It is not nationalistic or jingoistic to want your nation to be prosperous and provide a good life for its citizens. It is however wrong to take a world apology tour, trashing your own nation as Obama did.

Lastly, on my family. You'd think most people would appreciate a man that loves his family. That has tried to raise good sons and daughters and grandchildren. But instead, many hateful, vindictive jealous people; mainly in the media like to trash my family. They like to expose my family to images of their husband, their father, their grandfather with his bloody severed head in their hands. If I was the dictator they claimed I am, such people would be rotting in prison right now, since there are already laws that should have put these people in prison for their actions. But instead, I push back on twitter and jab a few words at them and they whine and cry that I'm not being presidential. Hypocrites!

Look, like it or not I am the president of the United States. I was duly elected by the system our founders so wisely put in place. The Electoral College assures that a diverse variety of representation elects our leader rather than merely the east and west coast majorities. America is a Republic, not a democracy. Democracy always devolves into mob rule and our founders didn't want mob rule. While I'm president, I plan to keep my promises. I plan to keep trying to help everyone in America not just this or that group. I didn't make promises to one or another group just to get their votes. I'm a 71 year old human being. An American that loves America. I'm not some life long political hack that will leave office and go on speaking tours to make billions. I already have that. What then is my motivation for being your president? I want to make America great again; for my children and their children and you and your children and their children -- no matter your skin color, or your gender or even your current political party. Let's make America great again for all of us! God bless you and God bless America!"

Try sending it to him? You never know, he's the most accessible prez. so far, you should see if he'll read it? Nice job. S.

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