What would a Donald Trump Presidency Be Like?


What will happen if Donald Trump is actually elected president? According to his opponents it sounds like he will become a despotic ruler intent on going to war with everyone that insults him. But in reality, Trump has been perhaps one of the most balanced and inclusive candidates in a long time. In a nation polarized by party politics, Trump has managed to rile both parties who see his presidency as an end to their elitist hold on American politics. They fear Trump because they have no way to influence or extort him into doing what they want. Further, Trump's history shows that before he got into politics no one really called him a "racist" or a "bigot". He was a friend to the Hollywood types that currently like to go on talk shows and threaten to leave the country. He is not an ideologue of either party.


But what about all the raaaaaaaaaaaaaacist things Trump has said? Well, he hasn't said anything racist. He did NOT say ALL Mexicans were rapists and murderers. He was talking about many of the illegal immigrants that are invading the USA.

So as you can see what he said wasn't racist at all. Of course a country isn't going to send its best and brightest out of their country. If the illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. were so good, they wouldn't need all the social welfare help they get. This has nothing to do with a person's race. It is merely fact that if you are successful in your home country, you aren't going to be sneaking over the border in the middle of the night.

How about Muslims? Does Trump hate Muslims? No. Like most Americans Trump does have concerns about Muhammad imitators. A person can be a Muslim and not imitate Muhammad. Muhammad murdered people and had sex with a 9 year old when he was 53. This isn't "normal" in any culture or religion at any time in history. (see: rodericke.com/endislam) Trump wants to do a better job of seeing who and why a person wants to enter into the USA. Do they want to come here because they love the USA and want to become Americans or do they want to come here to tell us we have to change to be more like them...or worse to do violence to us. While the focus may currently be on people coming from Muslim countries, this should apply for ANYONE trying to enter America. There is nothing racist or bigoted about that. It is simply common sense....P.S. The US Constitution does NOT apply to non-citizens.

The idea that Trump is racist against black people is outrageous since until he started running for president, no one accused him of this. As a matter of fact he was a long time friend with Michael Jackson, and is a long time friend to Mike Tyson, to Don King, Ben Carson and others. He has Katrina Pierson as a national spokesperson. Trump's director of African-American outreach is Omarose Onee Manigault who used to work for Vice President Al Gore. The point is, there is no indication Trump is a racist. As a matter of fact the hilarious duo of "Diamond and Silk" have been unwavering in their support.

Or you view the speech Trump gave on Sept 21, 2016. Trump has done more sincere outreach to black Americans than most politicians from either party in the last 50 years.

But what about the accusations that he wouldn't rent apartments to blacks. That suit was brought against the Trump company in 1973...mainly as Trump's father ran the business BUT, the outcome of the suit never really proved the Trump company was practicing racism. Obviously Donald Trump's black friends don't think he is racist.


Unlike the elitists of both the Democrat and Republican Party, Trump is truly an outsider that scares the elitists from BOTH parties. This is the reason they hate him so much and will do anything they can to stop him. We can see the attempt to paint Trump as a racist and bigot is FALSE. So next Trump's enemies attempt to depict him as an out of touch rich guy. The problem is, he is perhaps one of the most plain spoken politicians in the last 50 years. He doesn't double-speak like you see many politicians. He doesn't walk back what he says when the polls say it's not popular. He is neither a liberal or a conservative but is an American who as he repeats over and over wants American interests to be considered first. He has been saying the same things since the 1980s.

So, if you're an honest person; no matter what your race or what your political party; you have to see that the facts show that Trump would be a president who would be for the prosperity and good of ALL Americans.