Trump-Biden Debate Analysis


First a couple of things.

1. I watched the debate. I am not responding to someone else's opinion on the debate.
2. I have not read/viewed anyone else's analysis so that my views will be completely my own.
3. I am a Trump supporter.

With that out of the way, here we go. For the debate transcript, go here:


The build up to the debate was that Biden would demonstrate his inability to focus and speak outside of a script as he has so many times before. Many people, even Biden supporters thought the debate would be a disaster for Biden because of it. But Biden conducted himself well. It seems like he may have had eye drops or something as his eyes looked different than normal. He didn't stutter or fumble his words as many suspected. He did call Trump a "clown" several times, and while it may seem justified to some people, you must realize that Biden cannot "unite" the country as he claims if he calls the leader of a large and active group, a "clown". He should have remained respectful no matter Trump's temperament.


Trump came out too confident that he could get Biden rattled by swinging hard and fast. This backfired and instead Trump looked desperate and even rude. He even began to sweat more than I've ever seen him sweat while publicly speaking. His constant interruptions of both Biden and the moderator made him look like he doesn't follow rules and is above the rules. While most of the moderators questions were slanted against Trump (we'll get to that later), Trump had an opportunity to turn them around but instead often came off narcissistic when he really was simply trying to defend himself. Trump was unprepared for the biased questions even though he typically can handle himself well in those situations.


Whether Wallace (the moderator) originally intended to be more fair, it became obvious that besides the slanted questions against Trump (we'll get to that later), he began to openly berate Trump due to Trump's constant interruptions. Not merely asking Trump to not interrupt and to follow the agreed upon debate rules, but Wallace openly responded to something Biden said about Trump's interruptions. Wallace lost control mainly because he never challenged Biden's responses but constantly challenged Trump's, and yes there were many things to challenge Biden on as well but Wallace did not do so.


1. Filling Supreme Court.

Wallace was most fair with this question and did pose it in a way that contrasted whether a President has the right to fill the seat even this late in their presidency. Trump answered this question best by stating a) He's president for all 4 years b) Democrats would try to do the same thing he is doing. Biden refused to answer if he would pack the court with more than 9 justices.

2. Comprehensive replacement to Obamacare.

Wallace loaded this question, acting like Trump made promises he didn't keep then Wallace asked about a comprehensives replacement and whether Trump had one. First off why does there need to be a "comprehensive" replacement? Wallace is presupposing Obamacare is working. Trump tried to show how he has actually maintained Obamacare without penalties but Wallace kept pressing. Wallace then changes the question to a "public option" question for Biden which seems more like a way for Biden to push a talking point against Republicans. Why not ask Biden if parts or all of Obamacare is flawed? More people than Trump have claimed that very thing.

3. Will [Biden] pack the Supreme Court?

Perhaps the only direct question to Biden and yet Biden refused to answer except saying if he answered, it would become the issue. Of course it would, that is the reason people should know BEFORE they vote for him. What do you PLAN to do XYZ? Biden and most Democrats seem to always avoid laying out their plans ahead of time. Wallace could have tied together Trump's missing "comprehensive" Obamacare alternative to Biden's reluctance to answer a simple question, showing neither candidates will reveal their plans too far in advance. Instead, Wallace quickly ended the point.

4. Plans to combat Covid-19

Wallace loaded this question as well because you can't ask one person a hypothetical while the other person is ALREADY doing something. This should have only been a question to Biden, perhaps framed like this; "President Trump has taken these various steps, lock down border with China, daily briefings by doctors and scientists, working with pharmaceutical companies to come up with vaccine. What would you do differently as president Mr. Biden?" But instead Trump had the question posed as if he hasn't done anything yet.

5. Why are you contradicting your own scientists on the release of a vaccine? (Well, that may as well been the question)

Wallace once against loads the question as if Trump is at odds with scientists. Trump tries to respond that he interacts with the pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccine and not just his advisers. Every leader in history has disagreed with their advisors at some point. This does not make the leader wrong. It was a slanted bogus gottcha question.

6. Undermining trust in a vaccine

Wallace asked if Biden and his running mate are undermining people's trust in an eventual vaccine. Biden basically repeated that people should not trust any vaccine put out while Trump is president. Wallace had the perfect opportunity to press Biden on the fact that it would be pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccine, not Trump personally, but instead Wallace let Biden pivot away and then moved on.

7. Reopening safely

Wallace asked about their different approaches to reopening USA safely and even contrasts Trump's rallies with Biden's almost non-existent rallies. Again, this seems loaded and plays right into Biden's hand to claim "Trump doesn't care about people". Wallace moves away quickly after giving Biden just enough time to get digs in.

8. Mask Wearing.

Again, a made-to-order Biden topic to make Trump look like he doesn't care. The "science" of the effectiveness of mask wearing IS debatable but Wallace acts like it is not. Trump demonstrates he doesn't oppose personal and voluntary mask wearing whereas Biden, like all Democrats, talks about throwing money at things yet without telling us where the money is going to come from and whether it will even help.

9. Big Rallies vs Small Rallies

What the heck kind of question is this? Wallace seems to be playing on Biden's team as if he is saying, "Mr. Trump, you are an evil uncaring man by holding big rallies". The entire question was pointless.

10. Economy recovering.

This finally seems like an honest question as Wallace even admits the economy is recovering faster than expected. But then Biden, typical like many Democrat politicians acts like he ISN'T rich and that Trump only cares about rich people. Wallace joins in at some point with Biden, implying Trump inherited Obama's economy. Yet a) they ignore Obama said this type of economy wasn't possible b) that the world got hit by a plague and yet the US still even has an economy much less a good economy.

11. Trump taxes.

This is a fair question only because it has come up once again. However Wallace seems to take the report as fact. All sorts of things have been claimed. But Trump could have said, even if I did pay $750, how much have I paid by giving away my salary every year since I've been president? How much did Biden give to charity last year? How is it politicians like Biden and Obama come into office with some money but leave office as millionaires and billionaires? Which question is more important?" Trump tried to imply he is only using legal loopholes designed by the IRS and government officials like Biden himself.

12. Increase in taxes by Biden.

Wallace finally asks Biden a more direct question about his tax plans and whether it will hurt the economy. But he allows Biden to say, in effect that taxing people makes more money in the long run. Wallace tries to bring it back to taxes instead of spending but to Democrats it's one in the same; taxes = a way for the government to spend/redistribute wealth. Both Wallace or Trump could have seized on this but they didn't.

13. Trump to continue free market policies?

Wallace tried to develop a question about whether Trump would continue his free market policies but in the end, Wallace said "more jobs were created in Obama's last 3 years than in the 1st 3 years" of Trump -- is it true? Why is Wallace debating Trump? The economy is not only about jobs but even so, it is about the kind of jobs. Many of Obama's jobs were low paying service industry jobs. Wallace is being sneaky.

14. Race Issues.

Wallace doesn't ask about Biden saying people aren't black unless they vote for him or Biden falsely claiming he went to a black college, but instead Wallace retreads the Charlottesville talking point where they claim Trump was praising white supremacists when in reality Trump was speaking of the general divide that was going on, how there are well meaning people on both sides. This was the most bogus question of the night.

15. Racial Sensitivity Training.

Wallace again sets up a bogus question. Who says whatever kind of training they are calling "racial sensitivity" is anything more than just reverse racism, revisionism and retributive hate. Trump tried to say as much but was not too articulate.

16. Crime Increase.

Wallace tries to claim that the crime increases are not limited to Democratic Party ran cities though he is conflating general crime with the rioting, and we don't even know if what Wallace is saying is accurate. Who is fact checking the moderator? Trump tries to bring it back to the riots and looting. Biden once again does the typical class warfare routine acting like Trump is out of touch with people who live in suburbs, says the guy who has been a politician his entire adult life -- 47 years.

17. Did Biden reach out to Gov/Mayors of violent Dem states/cities?

Another direct question to Biden who dodged the question by acting like he had no power to get them to do what he wants, YET earlier in the debate Biden said he IS the Democratic Party since he is their candidate. So which is it?

18. Why should you be elected/re-elected?

This was an odd place to ask this question, seems better as the last. Biden spent most of his time not telling people why they should elect him but rather why they shouldn't elect Trump. Trump spent some time highlighting his record but not enough saying what he will do going forward. They only have 2 minutes so...

19. Climate Change connected to Western forest fires

Wallace loads this question once again connecting forest fires with climate change without any evidence they are connected. Trump does well about explaining the forest fires are most likely not related to climate change. Wallace keeps plying Trump to say whether he believes in [human caused] climate change. Trump says in some sense, but Wallace doesn't let the answer stand and keeps badgering him with Wallace's own opinions.

20. Mail in voter fraud.

Wallace sets this up as if there is no difference in how mail in voting is going to work this time except in the volume of votes and ignores that there has indeed been many examples of issues already. Trump tries to point this out repeatedly but is ignored. Wallace and Biden try to imply the count might take just a few days or a week more, but Trump replies it could take months. This is an important distinction because from Nov 2020-Jan 2021 it is only 2 months. What happens if the count is not done by the transition time? No one addressed it directly but Trump tried to imply the issue. Democrats are already acting like Congress will decide and put in Pelosi. Further, Wallace ignored the entire hanging chads issue which is another example of bogus election processes.

21. Condemn racists

Wallace poses this question to Trump as if the main agitators of the current violence are "right wing" racist. Wallace even lets Biden chime in and say Antifa is an "idea not an organization". Trump pushed back on Wallace and sought for Wallace to be more specific since Trump has repeatedly condemned racism from all sides.

22. Will you calm supporters while count is happening?

Wallace seemed to point this towards Trump like Trump supporters are violent yet we have seen over and over that leftists are the violent ones when they don't get their way. Again, what do we do if the count is still not done by January?


It was a very poor debate, perhaps the worst I've seen since I have been watching debates back to the Gerald Ford days. Trump ruined his chance to come off strong but instead came off desperate. Biden did not slip into his gaffes and mutterings. Wallace is a very, very poor moderator and for being a FoxNews guy, seemed no different than the typical biased leftist moderators that always ask the Republican gottcha questions. We need to reform how debates are done. We need to get rid of the moderators and go to a timed debate where the mic of the opponent is automatically turned off until it is their turn.


Joe Biden. He came into this with most people, even his supporters thinking he was going to stumble. He did not. Trump didn't come off as the Trump he is known to be with just the right zingers and quick wit, Instead he was rude and even physically sweat while constantly interrupting even the moderator. Some of this happens in every debate and is acceptable but Trump's level this time ruined him. If there was anyone who might have said, "I don't like Biden but I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him anyway", they are still going to do that because he at least came off as status quo which they can accept for 4-8 years.

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