Four Years After Trump

Will America, or more specifically Democrats survive four years of Trump? Yes, yes you will.

Surviving Trump

During every party change of the American presidency, the losing party seems so distraught as unable to go on, but with Donald Trump's election a new manifestation of grief from leftists seems to be showing. They seem unable to come to terms that not only did he win, but he is doing exactly what he said he'd do.

What will these people be like in four years if they are barely able to survive the reality of one week of Trump's presidency? Could Trump's presidency really usher in a new American Civil War? After all, the first Civil War happened because the South didn't like the new party's policies that sought to give freedom to black Americans. Those states too threatened to secede from the Union as California is currently doing under Trump. Abraham Lincoln was not about to allow the dissolution of the USA under his watch so it was war. But perhaps if California secedes it would help. All the socialistic Americans could move there and implement their policies and leave the county-by-county Americans to pursue the ideas of the Founders; of the rights of individuals over groups of people.

If history plays out, the unfortunate reality is that Trump will be assassinated or impeached before he can serve his entire term. I'm not sure the leftists will like Vice president Mike Pence anymore as he is far more religion-based than Trump. Trump is a pragmatist who clearly told people what he would do if elected, it's just that leftists are still in shock that all the media lied to them in their polls. Trump will continue to shock Democrats because unlike politicians from both parties, Trump is going to try to keep his campaign promises. He has no desire to glad-hand or make selfies or worry about some "legacy". He may even have prepared himself for the potentiality that he would be assassinated so he plans to get as much done as he can despite all the hand wringing from the Democrat rioters.

This article isn't about what Trump is going to do in these four years. If you followed his campaign he told you that already; MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by putting America first in all things. This comes off as arrogant and jingoistic to Democrats. They have self-guilt that wants them to put America under submission. They want to see America fail or at least be no better than any other country.


So, what will happen to these people who can't handle the idea of a president Trump? They can't continue to be stressed for four years? People who did not support Barack Obama and saw him as a socialist with an anti-American agenda were upset but you didn't see the crazed protests. You didn't see people wearing vagina costumes or vowing to cut of their genitals unless Obama resigned. I truly believe that if people went back to just getting on with their daily lives, they would be healthier. Well, at least that's what we did after Obama was elected and re-elected in 2012. I didn't attend any window-smashing, highway-blocking profanity fests. I just went back to work, paid that increased gas prices. Scrolled passed the two men kissing on my news feed. Ignored the new non-gender pronouns I was supposed to use. Looked for traditional men or women only bathrooms. I waited it out. I posted some resistance but I DIDN'T burn the flag of my country which ISN'T the flag of any specific president, administration or party.

You too will survive Trump's logical policy to better vet who is coming into the USA just like you do okay when you lock your doors at night so strangers don't just wander in. It's not because you hate the people outside but because you love the people inside your home. You too will survive the Wall that serves this same purpose. You too will survive the reduction of excessive regulation that stifles American industry. You might even get a better job in the process. You too will survive more school choice instead of forcing parents to send their children to a failing outdated one size fits all public indoctrination system. I mean, you're all about choice and diversity of ideas right?

In four years, if your friends haven't started a civil war, you'll still be here and probably safer with a better job. Now, what about 2020? Can you survive KEEPING AMERICA GREAT? ... yes, yes you will. :-)