Cheating was Plan B

Trump was never supposed to win in 2016. The political class certainly didn't believe he had a chance. Just look how all the elites reacted when he was thinking about running.

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New Cold War: Russia, USA, and Politics

#Treason #Russia #Traitor

Human KennelsIn March 2016, then president Obama met with Raul Castro, not in some neutral host country but at the Cuban "Revolutionary Palace" in Cuba. Yet, no mainstream media criticized Obama as pandering to or legitimizing a "dictator" and long time enemy as the media has to president Trump in his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in July 2018. Obama even appeared to try to give Castro a hug which was rebuffed by Castro but was portrayed in the media as Obama letting his arm go limp rather than letting Castro raise his arm in a "victory" stance. Watch the unedited video because the edited one doesn't show the part of Obama moving in for the hug.

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Unhinged Democrats

Democrats want to start new Civil War

Anti-AmericansWhen does the harassment and stalking move from the administration of Trump to the voters of Trump? When can we expect Democrats to surround us at our places of work or while we're out for a meal with our families or while we sleep in our beds? The Democrats are truly unhinged. They suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) or more specifically the Democrats are anti-America more than they are anti-Trump.

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They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid

Did the Russians make people vote for Trump?

Trump danceAt work today, someone told me the reason people voted for Trump is because they were influenced by Fox & Friends, the Internet and Facebook and all the "garbage" those Trump voters believed that led them to vote for Trump. I then told the person that I have never watched Fox & Friends yet I voted for Trump. While I agree people on both sides of a two-party system will be influenced by the propaganda of the other party, it doesn't explain why people like me voted for Trump. Are people like me just stupid? Were we fooled into voting for someone that doesn't serve our best interests? This is certainly the accusation. The person couldn't account for why I would vote for Trump and at first seemed to not care, as if it was something personal I didn't need to explain. But I wanted to explain. I wanted the person to understand HOW someone could vote for the candidate the person thinks is so bad.

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I Wrote A Speech For President Trump

This is the speech that would change everything...

President TrumpI've written a speech I believe would change everything about how Trump is presented by the media and how even Democrats view him. It is my hope that someone close to him or someone influential will get him to read this and consider giving a similar speech in the coming days:

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Trump Successes List

Is Trump getting anything done? Is Trump keeping his promises?

Automation of everything

Since politics is often driven by popular issues, or issues that are often otherwise unimportant to the overall governance of the country, Roderick Edwards attempts to steer the focus back to the real issues. However, since I know many people only have time to follow the sound bite news of the day, it is important that they know my position even on the most insignificant but current issue. I will post in somewhat a chronological order. Please note that if an issue appears here, it may or may not be considered insignificant but only that I'm giving a brief response. This page will be updated periodically throughout the election cycle

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100 Days Later

Has Trump accomplished anything in his first 100 days?

Trump's promises

President Trump's 100th day is on April 29, 2017. Like all politicians, he has made pledges or promises he planned to enact and especially within the first 100 days of his administration. The number one pledge was to bring a sense of American pride back into focus, or as he phrased it in his campaign slogan; Make America great again. There has been incidental positives simply by Trump being president. The financial markets initially improved on the prospect of a pro-business capitalist president in comparison to the wealth redistributing socialist lite during Barack Obama's administration.

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What to Expect in 2017

2017 Expectations

Some people are nervous after the contentious 2016 presidential election. They are worried and fearful for 2017. Who wouldn't be considering how the media and some politicians have crafted a narrative of Donald Trump as a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic mad man hell bent on destruction? But what is the truth? The truth is, Trump like most of his pro-American supporters is pragmatic. Unlike both the Democratic and Republican parties his concerns aren't the promotion of long held party ideologies but rather a basic concern of making America great again for everyone.

This isn't supposed to be a ra-ra cheer article for Trump but rather a reassurance to those who may have bought into all the fake news out there that implies we are on the brink of apocalypse. Your daily life will go on. You will love your family and friends. You will spend time laughing and having good times. The world will continue as it has before; with the occasional tragedy or the possibility of violence from violent people. The difference is, we will have someone who didn't run for president to make money or build a "legacy" (since Trump already had those things and in fact has probably diminished those aspects of his life by running for president). And during all the border wall building and international negotiations and tough talk against over priced elements of our government, perhaps your life will improve. You may find more employment opportunities. You may see crime decrease. You may see human relations improve because less effort will be spent on dividing people by race or class.

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Trump Elected President: Now What?

President Trump

It happened. America actually elected Donald Trump. After nearly two years of the media trying to convince us it was a joke and Trump would drop out or people wouldn't support him; Trump won the presidency. If you watched any of the network news stations on election night you would have been treated to the typical barely hidden smug disdain the "journalists" had for Trump. Worse yet, if you are an African-American or a Latino you should be insulted by what the media and Hillary Clinton did to you on November 8th. Both the media and Clinton saw you as a monolithic group that was supposed to support Clinton by default. The media didn't even give you the respect to divide you up in groups like they did with the white people. They plastered graphics of this or that percentage of white college educated versus non-college educated but when it came to black and Latino Americans, you were dumped into one basket. The media didn't care if you went to college or not. They just assumed you would vote for Hillary. How snobbishly insulting.

As the election coverage went on, most of the networks refused to call many of the key states even though it was clear there was no way Clinton was going to win. After all, as the commentators would often point out; the black or Latino vote was already counted -- again assuming you would faithfully vote Democrat simply because the color of your skin. But after it became impossible to feign that Hillary still had a chance, the media turned to discussing how it was possible Trump is actually winning. At first, they blamed it on the turn out or the Russians or even implied Trump somehow tricked people to vote for him who shouldn't; like white college educated women -- they were supposed to have been appalled by Trump's behavior from more than 20 years ago. The commentators tried to console each other by finding paths to victory for Clinton. When this failed, they speculated how even if Trump did win that he couldn't or wouldn't do all the things he promised. After all, they are accustomed to politicians from both parties simply saying stuff to get elected. But they secretly know Trump is different.

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Before You Vote For Anyone...

Voting for Trump

Before you vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Evan McMullin or anyone including Donald Trump you should really consider what is happening? In Trump you have for the first time in YOUR LIFE, a person who isn't giving you a bunch of political bullsh@t. He scares the media and the politicians of both parties because he isn't playing by their game rules. He is telling the truth and speaking directly to YOU, the American. Forget about what political party you think you're supposed to vote for. Trump is neither a Democrat or a Republican. Trump is the candidate you've been waiting for. The candidate that is for his fellow Americans BEFORE any political party. You owe it to YOURSELF to stop for a moment and listen to this 45 minute speech that puts it all into perspective.

"If [the government elites of both parties] can fight someone like me who has unlimited resources to fight back, just look at what they can do to you. Your jobs, your security, your education, your health care, the violation of religious liberty, the theft of your second amendment, the loss of your factories, your homes, and much more." -- Donald Trump

As you listen to or read the presentation, think about what it would mean for your life, or your children, or your grandchildren if these policies were enacted? Please don't fall for voting for the "first" XYZ for president. This is not a homecoming king or queen contest. This is our future we're voting for. THANKS.

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Why Hillary Won the First Debate

Full disclosure; I'm a Donald Trump supporter...even before it was Ted Cruz approved. I've always tried to be fair and objective about any topic. The reason Hillary won the first presidential debate against Trump is because Trump would not go after major points he let slide. Further, Lester Holt asked some gotcha questions like the last one about whether Hillary "looked presidential". Looks isn't simply about physical appearance but about overall presentation. Hillary, like Obama presents a weak and apologetic image; a "lead from behind" or wait for consensus before action. But the main places that Trump failed is not hammering Hillary on Benghazi. As far as I recall he never mentioned it. He certainly could have used it when Hillary claimed she wants to be a president that allies and people can trust and count on. Letting our servicemen die in Libya is not a good example of that.

While Trump did bring up the 33,000 deleted emails, he should have again used it when pressed about his tax records. He could have said, "my tax records at least are still available and will eventually be released and have not been deleted, since you are talking about hiding things Mrs. Clinton. What were you hiding?". I'm not saying Trump lost the debate but by playing it cool, he let her overshadow him. Even her toothy, smug, dismissive, elitist grin wasn't enough to bury her. She was able to make it look like she could at least take on Trump. He went softly against her...and even said so. I imagine he won't next time.

How many people will now support Hillary after this first debate? Will they so easily forget she helped rig the primary? Will they so easily forget that she is an habitual liar; whether about fake sniper fire or emails or health issues? Do they even care? Has Trump lost any supporters? We will see.

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What would a Donald Trump Presidency Be Like?

What will happen if Donald Trump is actually elected president? According to his opponents it sounds like he will become a despotic ruler intent on going to war with everyone that insults him. But in reality, Trump has been perhaps one of the most balanced and inclusive candidates in a long time. In a nation polarized by party politics, Trump has managed to rile both parties who see his presidency as an end to their elitist hold on American politics. They fear Trump because they have no way to influence or extort him into doing what they want. Further, Trump's history shows that before he got into politics no one really called him a "racist" or a "bigot". He was a friend to the Hollywood types that currently like to go on talk shows and threaten to leave the country. He is not an ideologue of either party.


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Trump Game

America Great Again

It's January 20th 2017, Donald J. Trump overcame odds and vicious opposition from outside and inside the Republican Party and is being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. But what would a Trump presidency be like? Now you can play this fun little Excel based game as Trump himself. Make the hard choices that are needed to "Make America Great Again!" or fail as miserably as your critics think you will. This game is based in an Excel spreadsheet because I program in VBA; Excel's programming language and because it makes it more accessible to average Americans...not just elites in Washington :-). You are free to redistribute it to anyone. I suggest you ALWAYS download copies from just in case some vile Hillary supporter tries to make a fake that deletes 30,000 emails from your computer.


  1. Download the small Excel file. It is in the .xls format so even people with older versions of Excel can play
  2. Open the file and enable content/macros if prompted
  3. Simply read the situation box and click on the options links to act on the situation.


Besides "Making America Great Again" is to see how many turns your Trump Administration can last. Each click of the options links is a turn.
Enjoy and share the game with friends...and Democrats too. Someone send a copy to Hillary and Obama!!!
P.S. As this Excel spreadsheet works on macros, it most likely will NOT work on a mobile device but you can try.


I am available for contract Excel work OR...interviews and media appearances hahahaha --

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Should Christians Vote for Trump


Christians may be asking if they should or can vote for Trump? After all, Trump is not the epitome of Christian virtues. Donald Trump's past does not reveal a Christian man. Even worse, Trump was asked if he has ever asked God for forgiveness. He responded:

"I have a great relationship with God. I have a great relationship with the Evangelicals...I like to be good. I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don't do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad." -- source

This should be enough to stop Christians from voting for Trump, after all to be "saved" a person MUST repent. They MUST ask for forgiveness. If Trump has never done that, he is admitting he isn't a regenerated or "born again" Christian. Yet, Christians ARE voting for Trump. So, how do they reconcile this? Are they compromising their faith by supporting Trump? Or do they use the line; "I'm voting for a president not a pastor"?

Before we answer that question, let's take a brief moment to understand how the media is approaching this. First, have you noticed the media uses the word "Evangelicals" rather than Christians. Why do they do this? It is simply part of the media's (via the Leftist, secular mindset) way of classifying people into groups. To the media, Evangelicals are Christians who actually believe and follow the Bible. There are other types of Christians but to the media, Evangelicals are... well...the people who take the Bible literally. Evangelicals are stupid, yet rigid and judgmental. To the media, they think Evangelicals should be all in for Ted Cruz. To the media, Trump is everything Evangelicals are supposed to despise and look down their noses upon. It makes no sense to the media that any Evangelical would support Trump...well...unless they are racists, bigots like the media always portrays.

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What Happens If Trump Is President

Donald Trump

The pundits keep telling themselves that Donald Trump's campaign isn't serious or that he will eventually backout or implode. They can't bring themselves to fathom what happens if Trump is elected. The pundits are so eager to dismiss Trump as a clown, an entertainer or a showman. They are too self-consumed to understand why people are excited about a Trump presidency. They claim people are merely glauming on to "anger" or "hate" for the moment but will decide on a more establishment candidate during the general election.

But let's consider for a moment what happens if Trump wins. First, there is something very interesting to consider. The Leftist politicians (ie the Democrats) spend a lot of energy portraying utter disaster if anyone but a Democrat becomes president or controls the Congress or Senate. They tell their supporters that if anyone but a Democrat attains these positions, that all the "progress" that the Leftists have made will be undone. They paint pictures of Republicans or non-Democrat politicians locking up homosexuals or prosecuting women for having abortions. They claim that all but the Democrats are bigots and backwards. This tone is very divisive and is causing increased polarization that sets the country on a dangerous path. The Democrats utilize this class warfare by default. They put white against black; male against female, rich against poor, and any other grouping that will energize their voters.

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