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TV Shows With Deep Content

TV Shows

I've never been a big television watcher, however I do enjoy a few series. A lot of times, the series I like get canceled; not because they are bad shows but because the content is too deep for the general public. I don't mean that to sound snooty, it is just a fact that at least the American public has become impatient with anything that takes time to cultivate. We want everything fast. A good story cultivates its plot and its characters.

Stories with "deep content" are often at first rejected as too strange or unapproachable but sometimes later become favorites and even classics. While I don't expect any of these television shows to become classics, I can see how they might influence or mimic popular society. Please take a moment to read this article and perhaps browse the links to read more about these shows. I think you'll find the content richer than shows like Biggest Loser or American Idol.

I generally read only non-fiction and watch fiction, so most of the shows I watch are obviously fiction. Some of those shows have been: [node:read-more:link]

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