I Wrote A Speech For President Trump

This is the speech that would change everything...

President TrumpI've written a speech I believe would change everything about how Trump is presented by the media and how even Democrats view him. It is my hope that someone close to him or someone influential will get him to read this and consider giving a similar speech in the coming days:

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The REAL State of the Union 2014


There will be many reviews of President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address given on January 28, 2014 so here is mine. Obama's speech was uninspiring because it didn't call us to be Americans. It didn't assess America but rather it was a continuation of his 2008 campaign, trying to further promote his lite socialism. Where was the call to live out American principles? American principles which embody self-reliance and self-initiative? Instead, we heard over and over about so-called "inequality" as if life is EVER "fair". America was not founded to impose any person's idea of "equality" on anyone else, but rather to give EVERYONE the OPPORTUNITY to succeed, not the promise of taking from success and giving to failure.


Our union is more divided than ever because at every turn, Obama and his fellow Democrats are trying to force class warfare on Americans. We are being told there is "inequality" that runs rampant and can only be corrected by the hand of the government. We are being told we can't decide for ourselves how to run our companies or even our lives. The government tells us it will have to intervene to make things "fair".

The Union is fractured because the Federal government doesn't recognize a union of states. Every day, the Federal government overrides not only the sovereignty of the individual states, but individual persons. The Federal government, either by way of its executive actions or activist judges, tells voters of individual states that they cannot decide how to run their states. Let it be clear -- there is no "UNION".

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