Roderick Edwards Suspends Campaign

Campaign suspended

I Roderick Edwards am officially announcing the suspension of my campaign for president of the United States. When I started this effort in October 2014, before any major candidate had declared, I had proclaimed a very detailed and clear platform which included many of the aspects now being advocated by the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. Further, I always understood this effort to be more theoretical than possible, since it is unlikely an independent write-in candidate could ever garner enough support, even though as I stated my views were already what the front-runner is now advocating and what many people support.

At this juncture, if I were running as a Republican I would be expected to unite around the Republican candidate for the Party's sake. But as an independent I am free to endorse or not endorse whomever I like. Since as I've pointed out, most of my initial positions are also being advocated by Trump, it seems logical that I would endorse Trump. At the mere mention of this potentiality, I've had friends both on the left and on the right chide me that by doing so I would forfeit my "moral authority". To these friends, Trump represents a lesser evil that is too evil or at least too unqualified to support. While in the past, these friends and people like them may have held their noses and voted for the candidate that at least shares a majority of their positions, it seems Trump is seen as either too damaged or not serious enough for this course of action.

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Trump Elected President: Now What?

President Trump

It happened. America actually elected Donald Trump. After nearly two years of the media trying to convince us it was a joke and Trump would drop out or people wouldn't support him; Trump won the presidency. If you watched any of the network news stations on election night you would have been treated to the typical barely hidden smug disdain the "journalists" had for Trump. Worse yet, if you are an African-American or a Latino you should be insulted by what the media and Hillary Clinton did to you on November 8th. Both the media and Clinton saw you as a monolithic group that was supposed to support Clinton by default. The media didn't even give you the respect to divide you up in groups like they did with the white people. They plastered graphics of this or that percentage of white college educated versus non-college educated but when it came to black and Latino Americans, you were dumped into one basket. The media didn't care if you went to college or not. They just assumed you would vote for Hillary. How snobbishly insulting.

As the election coverage went on, most of the networks refused to call many of the key states even though it was clear there was no way Clinton was going to win. After all, as the commentators would often point out; the black or Latino vote was already counted -- again assuming you would faithfully vote Democrat simply because the color of your skin. But after it became impossible to feign that Hillary still had a chance, the media turned to discussing how it was possible Trump is actually winning. At first, they blamed it on the turn out or the Russians or even implied Trump somehow tricked people to vote for him who shouldn't; like white college educated women -- they were supposed to have been appalled by Trump's behavior from more than 20 years ago. The commentators tried to console each other by finding paths to victory for Clinton. When this failed, they speculated how even if Trump did win that he couldn't or wouldn't do all the things he promised. After all, they are accustomed to politicians from both parties simply saying stuff to get elected. But they secretly know Trump is different.

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Cleaning up America


If I were elected president, on day one I'd call a news conference and with all the cameras rolling, I'd personally scrub the Oval Office down with Lysol. And then say,

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Alternative To Trump


Who is the alternative to Trump? Who is the 3rd party alternative? Who is the independent alternative? That may be the question people will be asking themselves as the general election approaches.
It is clear that both Republican and Democrat voters are disillusioned by their parties. On the right, you have conservatives that have grown tired of hearing how things will change if only the Republicans gain control of the Senate, or the Congress, or the presidency or the Supreme Court. When they have control of these branches of government, they never seem to implement the promises to their voters.

On the left, the constant class warfare is getting old. The so-called millennials aren't buying the same ole lines. They want their utopia now. Bernie Sanders was becoming the vehicle for that realization until it became obvious that the DNC had already chosen Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama; after all, Obama kind of stole the election from Hillary in 2008. According to Democrat establishment politics, it's Hillary's "turn".

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The 2016 Election Race Begins!

When I first began building content about my campaign, friends and supporters wondered why I didn't do more. I told them it is kind of silly to run a race with no competitors. At the time of October 5, 2014 when I announced my intent, there were no real challengers. So for me to do more than formulate my platform would have been futile.
It is now April 12, 2015. The 2016 Presidential Election Race has begun. We now have multiple declared Republican Candidates in Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton officially announced today. The field is being set.

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The First Revenge President


Barack Obama was not elected as America's first post-racial or first black president. Obama is America's first revenge president. He was elected by both black and white Americans in hopes of dishing out payback for America's past of racial inequalities and prejudices. Many who elected Obama wanted him to get back at America. They wanted him to take from those who supposedly had been oppressing them and give it to the oppressed. They wanted him to "redistribute the wealth" and redistribute everything else they think was being withheld from them. To this end, Obama has been working ever since his election in 2008.


Some day America will have its real first black president; or rather its first president that happens to be black. This president will not spend years trying to divide people while using false platitudes of making people "pay their fair share" but rather this real first black president will use his or her time in that honorable yet humbling office to highlight that before any American is any pigment of skin or any hyphenated group, every one of us is part of this one great nation. This first black president will not spend time trying to exact revenge (wink, wink) on certain classes or colors of Americans, but rather will spend time highlighting the fact that America really is the land of opportunity.

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Roderick Edwards - Citizen President 2016 - It's Time to Be America Again


Roderick Edwards

What if an average citizen became president? After all, we've seen the messes presidents from both parties have made. We talk about historical firsts such as the first black president and the first woman president but what if we actually elected an average citizen to be our next president? Someone who understands what it is like to live an average life. The requirements are simple:

  1. Be a natural born citizen.
  2. Be at least 35 years of age.
  3. Resident of the USA at least 14 years.

It does NOT require that you have lots of money or have been part of the political class for years and years. So why do we keep electing people who are so UNLIKE us?


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