Excel Help: Formulas and VBA

What if there was an Excel Tool that did most of the things you try to do each day? Comparing two columns to figure out which is different. Or close all your open workbooks, saving some and not others? How about increasing a range of cells by a certain percentage markup? Using my 20+ years with Excel proficiency I have developed a free Excel tool that I share with users. It's free because I want to help people who like me search for solutions from people rather than companies. You can get my XLSuperTool at this link. But what if you need more detailed help with your Excel spreadsheet or workbook project? I have helped people from all sorts of industries; Logistics, freight forwarding, banking and finance, personal fitness, warehousing, and sales. See experience. Since 2007, I have had a presence on MrExcel which is a very helpful forum for quick Excel-based questions.

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