What to Expect in 2017

2017 Expectations

Some people are nervous after the contentious 2016 presidential election. They are worried and fearful for 2017. Who wouldn't be considering how the media and some politicians have crafted a narrative of Donald Trump as a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic mad man hell bent on destruction? But what is the truth? The truth is, Trump like most of his pro-American supporters is pragmatic. Unlike both the Democratic and Republican parties his concerns aren't the promotion of long held party ideologies but rather a basic concern of making America great again for everyone.

This isn't supposed to be a ra-ra cheer article for Trump but rather a reassurance to those who may have bought into all the fake news out there that implies we are on the brink of apocalypse. Your daily life will go on. You will love your family and friends. You will spend time laughing and having good times. The world will continue as it has before; with the occasional tragedy or the possibility of violence from violent people. The difference is, we will have someone who didn't run for president to make money or build a "legacy" (since Trump already had those things and in fact has probably diminished those aspects of his life by running for president). And during all the border wall building and international negotiations and tough talk against over priced elements of our government, perhaps your life will improve. You may find more employment opportunities. You may see crime decrease. You may see human relations improve because less effort will be spent on dividing people by race or class.

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