They Think You Voted For Trump Because You're Stupid

Did the Russians make people vote for Trump?

Trump danceAt work today, someone told me the reason people voted for Trump is because they were influenced by Fox & Friends, the Internet and Facebook and all the "garbage" those Trump voters believed that led them to vote for Trump. I then told the person that I have never watched Fox & Friends yet I voted for Trump. While I agree people on both sides of a two-party system will be influenced by the propaganda of the other party, it doesn't explain why people like me voted for Trump. Are people like me just stupid? Were we fooled into voting for someone that doesn't serve our best interests? This is certainly the accusation. The person couldn't account for why I would vote for Trump and at first seemed to not care, as if it was something personal I didn't need to explain. But I wanted to explain. I wanted the person to understand HOW someone could vote for the candidate the person thinks is so bad.

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Before You Vote For Anyone...

Voting for Trump

Before you vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Evan McMullin or anyone including Donald Trump you should really consider what is happening? In Trump you have for the first time in YOUR LIFE, a person who isn't giving you a bunch of political bullsh@t. He scares the media and the politicians of both parties because he isn't playing by their game rules. He is telling the truth and speaking directly to YOU, the American. Forget about what political party you think you're supposed to vote for. Trump is neither a Democrat or a Republican. Trump is the candidate you've been waiting for. The candidate that is for his fellow Americans BEFORE any political party. You owe it to YOURSELF to stop for a moment and listen to this 45 minute speech that puts it all into perspective.

"If [the government elites of both parties] can fight someone like me who has unlimited resources to fight back, just look at what they can do to you. Your jobs, your security, your education, your health care, the violation of religious liberty, the theft of your second amendment, the loss of your factories, your homes, and much more." -- Donald Trump

As you listen to or read the presentation, think about what it would mean for your life, or your children, or your grandchildren if these policies were enacted? Please don't fall for voting for the "first" XYZ for president. This is not a homecoming king or queen contest. This is our future we're voting for. THANKS.

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Alternative To Trump


Who is the alternative to Trump? Who is the 3rd party alternative? Who is the independent alternative? That may be the question people will be asking themselves as the general election approaches.
It is clear that both Republican and Democrat voters are disillusioned by their parties. On the right, you have conservatives that have grown tired of hearing how things will change if only the Republicans gain control of the Senate, or the Congress, or the presidency or the Supreme Court. When they have control of these branches of government, they never seem to implement the promises to their voters.

On the left, the constant class warfare is getting old. The so-called millennials aren't buying the same ole lines. They want their utopia now. Bernie Sanders was becoming the vehicle for that realization until it became obvious that the DNC had already chosen Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama; after all, Obama kind of stole the election from Hillary in 2008. According to Democrat establishment politics, it's Hillary's "turn".

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The 2016 Election Race Begins!

When I first began building content about my campaign, friends and supporters wondered why I didn't do more. I told them it is kind of silly to run a race with no competitors. At the time of October 5, 2014 when I announced my intent, there were no real challengers. So for me to do more than formulate my platform would have been futile.
It is now April 12, 2015. The 2016 Presidential Election Race has begun. We now have multiple declared Republican Candidates in Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton officially announced today. The field is being set.

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Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Roderick Edwards

Top 10 reasons to vote for Roderick Edwards for president in 2016...

10Roderick Edwards doesn't play golf.
9Roderick Edwards already visited Hawaii with his own money.
8Roderick Edwards actually grew up in America.
7Roderick Edwards owns and wears steel-toed work boots.
6Roderick Edwards has only ever organized a community BBQ.
5Roderick Edwards didn't start his campaign in the house of a known terrorist.
4Roderick Edwards has never written a book on audacity or false hope.
3Roderick Edwards will be the first working class American president.
2Roderick Edwards has never used a teleprompter in his life.
1Roderick Edwards actually loves the America founded in 1776.
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Presidential Simulators

Just as pilots often practice in flight simulators and business people practice in role playing, what if there was a way for us to test who would or wouldn't be a good president. Being a senator or a governor is one thing, but being president is another.

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Roderick Edwards - Citizen President 2016 - It's Time to Be America Again


Roderick Edwards

What if an average citizen became president? After all, we've seen the messes presidents from both parties have made. We talk about historical firsts such as the first black president and the first woman president but what if we actually elected an average citizen to be our next president? Someone who understands what it is like to live an average life. The requirements are simple:

  1. Be a natural born citizen.
  2. Be at least 35 years of age.
  3. Resident of the USA at least 14 years.

It does NOT require that you have lots of money or have been part of the political class for years and years. So why do we keep electing people who are so UNLIKE us?


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