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What would a Donald Trump Presidency Be Like?

What will happen if Donald Trump is actually elected president? According to his opponents it sounds like he will become a despotic ruler intent on going to war with everyone that insults him. But in reality, Trump has been perhaps one of the most balanced and inclusive candidates in a long time. In a nation polarized by party politics, Trump has managed to rile both parties who see his presidency as an end to their elitist hold on American politics. They fear Trump because they have no way to influence or extort him into doing what they want. Further, Trump's history shows that before he got into politics no one really called him a "racist" or a "bigot". He was a friend to the Hollywood types that currently like to go on talk shows and threaten to leave the country. He is not an ideologue of either party.


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Should Christians Vote for Trump


Christians may be asking if they should or can vote for Trump? After all, Trump is not the epitome of Christian virtues. Donald Trump's past does not reveal a Christian man. Even worse, Trump was asked if he has ever asked God for forgiveness. He responded:

"I have a great relationship with God. I have a great relationship with the Evangelicals...I like to be good. I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don't do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad." -- source

This should be enough to stop Christians from voting for Trump, after all to be "saved" a person MUST repent. They MUST ask for forgiveness. If Trump has never done that, he is admitting he isn't a regenerated or "born again" Christian. Yet, Christians ARE voting for Trump. So, how do they reconcile this? Are they compromising their faith by supporting Trump? Or do they use the line; "I'm voting for a president not a pastor"?

Before we answer that question, let's take a brief moment to understand how the media is approaching this. First, have you noticed the media uses the word "Evangelicals" rather than Christians. Why do they do this? It is simply part of the media's (via the Leftist, secular mindset) way of classifying people into groups. To the media, Evangelicals are Christians who actually believe and follow the Bible. There are other types of Christians but to the media, Evangelicals are... well...the people who take the Bible literally. Evangelicals are stupid, yet rigid and judgmental. To the media, they think Evangelicals should be all in for Ted Cruz. To the media, Trump is everything Evangelicals are supposed to despise and look down their noses upon. It makes no sense to the media that any Evangelical would support Trump...well...unless they are racists, bigots like the media always portrays.

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Demonstrate: Campaign Message

Americans often demonstrate their rights by actually exercising those rights; such as speaking out or carrying a firearm. We exercise those rights not necessarily in protest of anything, but simply because we can. What if a citizen freely exercised the right to run for president? I know most people think a person must be well funded or have been in government for many years before they even attempt to run for president. But again, there is nothing in the American Constitution that prohibits an American citizen from simply exercising his or her right to run for president. I Roderick Edwards am exercising that right, not only on my own behalf but for all Americans who dream of an average, common sense citizen in the White House. Please listen to my 4 minute introductory audio/mp3 called DEMONSTRATE. Share it freely with family and friends. Get and give feed back. Thanks again for your time and support -- RoderickE.

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What Happens If Trump Is President

Donald Trump

The pundits keep telling themselves that Donald Trump's campaign isn't serious or that he will eventually backout or implode. They can't bring themselves to fathom what happens if Trump is elected. The pundits are so eager to dismiss Trump as a clown, an entertainer or a showman. They are too self-consumed to understand why people are excited about a Trump presidency. They claim people are merely glauming on to "anger" or "hate" for the moment but will decide on a more establishment candidate during the general election.

But let's consider for a moment what happens if Trump wins. First, there is something very interesting to consider. The Leftist politicians (ie the Democrats) spend a lot of energy portraying utter disaster if anyone but a Democrat becomes president or controls the Congress or Senate. They tell their supporters that if anyone but a Democrat attains these positions, that all the "progress" that the Leftists have made will be undone. They paint pictures of Republicans or non-Democrat politicians locking up homosexuals or prosecuting women for having abortions. They claim that all but the Democrats are bigots and backwards. This tone is very divisive and is causing increased polarization that sets the country on a dangerous path. The Democrats utilize this class warfare by default. They put white against black; male against female, rich against poor, and any other grouping that will energize their voters.

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