In an attempt to promote a sustainable civilization; a civilization that endures even in the face of upheaval I write to you today.
The first thing that must be considered is the nature of humanity. No matter what culture or government develops or is imposed upon a civilization, certain human behavior will be exhibited.

  • Self-sufficiency/self-reliance
  • Laziness/idleness

I know these natures are directly opposite to each other and therein is the problem with humanity. There is a large segment of humanity, that when left unregulated by governments, will do well and add to the productiveness and success of a civilization. However, there is also an equally large segment of humanity that is content to allow others to provide for them. They are content to do minimal effort to better themselves.


Because humanity has these two distinct natures, there has been a necessity to create governments. I mean, if all humanity was desirable of self-sufficiency and self-reliance then there would be little need to regulate their actions. However, since a large segment of humanity is lazy or unassertive or perhaps incapable due to physical or mental limitations to take care of themselves; government forms to impose order.
The problem with government is that it takes on structures that are often counterproductive to a sustainable society.

  • Autocracy/Monarchy/Dictatorship

While autocratic forms of government may be the most efficient form of government, in that they do not require much if any input from the governed or other secondary bodies, autocracies are antithetical to the self-sufficient segment of humanity that will eventually despise intrusive government. This often results in eventual revolt.

  • Democracy

A true democracy allows all segments of a civilization to elect the government. The problem comes in when the lazy segment realizes that they can elect a government that takes from the producers and gives to them in the form of welfare or other subsides. The other side of the problem is that many politicians also figure out that they can appeal to the lazy segment and be elected. Eventually, the self-reliant producers are being overly burdened to subsidize the lazy segment. This kind of civilization also cannot be sustained.

  • Elitism/Fascism

This form of government typically will come about after resentment of prolonged favoritism of the lazy “class”. Whenever a civilization feels that a segment of its society has been parasitic, there will eventually be a backlash which could result in violent repression or revenge against the supposed lazy “class”.

  • Constitutionalism

A constitution in the simplistic sense is a promise or an agreement among the people of a civilization on how they will behave within a society. The American Constitution was devised based on all concepts of human nature that came before the foundation of the United States of America. This means it was an attempt to develop a system that would sustain civilization with the consideration of human nature.
The problem with Constitutionalism is that it requires an honest understanding of the two-natures of humanity. This is the reason the American Constitution has the concept that America is a place of opportunity which is different than the concept of entitlement. Humans are only endowed with the natural right or entitlement that self-sufficient and self-reliant humans would already possess. However, the other segment of humanity, the “lazy” segment is given the opportunity to invoke their natural right to take advantage of opportunity of freedom; of free-market, free-enterprise and limited government.

Unfortunately, what is happening in the U.S.A. is that more and more politicians and “lazy-minded” people are assuming America is a “democracy” – it is not, it is Constitutional Republic, and more people are voting for laziness and for politicians that will pass benefits for lazy people and call it “fairness” and “equality”.
This kind of civilization cannot be sustained and will result in a correction that could take the form of an autocracy or fascism. What is perhaps worse is that in its weakened state, the USA could fall to an outside force.

The American civilization must return to a reliance on its public agreement; its Constitution which is framed to allow all citizens opportunity but not entitlement.


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