RUST IT - Online Survival Game

I've moved on to a game called Ark Survival Evolved

RUST is an online, mutiplayer survival game in development. The concept is that you are on an island (or other maps) with barely or any clothing and need to start finding supplies to survive. You have a rock, a torch and a couple of bandages to start. With that, you must gather wood, animal skins, meat, and fat to make or "craft" items. You have to do all this while avoiding being killed by the in-game animals or even other players. The better players may even have guns.


The game typically costs a one time fee of $20.00 and is best bought through the game hosting site called STEAM. Click here. Since it is a development game, some of the commands are challenging to learn.


Rust allows people to rent servers and run versions of the game. RUST IT is one of those rented servers. You can access RUST IT by playing the "old version" (and more stable) of Rust and using the "console" or F1 key and enter the command: net.connect


  1. Version 1.18
  2. Host=ClanForge/Multiplay
  3. Server=
  4. MAP=rust_island_2013
  5. No Wipe (no complete reset), only restarts to activate addons
  6. PvP=Player versus player
  7. Active admins
  8. Max 20 players
  9. MODS=vanilla except with addons (listed below)
  10. Decay rate=0.3 usually (slower decay)
  11. Durability rate=50 usually (longer durability)


  1. PROTECTION MODE = New Players start with 2 hours of protection. As long as they do not attack other players or structures, other players cannot attack them. You can still attack animals. You can still be injured or killed by self or environment. The protection carries over to next login. You need not stay logged on for 2 hours at a time.
  2. MONEY = New players start with 1000$ to buy and sell items in the game. Type /ehelp in the game (example: t then /ehelp)
  3. ANTI LAG = Turn off extra graphics like grass by typing /fps in game (example: t then /fps) /fpsoff to deactivate
  4. REMOVE ITEMS = Destroy own structures like metal pillars by typing /remove in game (example: t then /remove) Hit or shoot item to destroy.


Click links to see details.

  1. Various anticheats/antigriefing
  2. Arrow Recovery
  3. Auto Compass
  4. Basic Economy/money
  5. Bounty
  6. Door Sharing
  7. FPS Booster (antilag)
  8. Friends
  9. Global Stats (ranking)
  10. Jail
  11. List Players
  12. Protection (2hrs)
  13. Remover (players can remove own structures)
  14. Teleport Request
  15. Timed Daytime Poll

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