The Russians Are Coming!

America's love-hate relationship with Russia and Communism

Russian flag

With all the talk of Russian interference in U.S. elections and supposed collusion and spying, you'd think we were back in the midst of the U.S.-Soviet Cold War. But the interesting thing for any student of history is that it seems when the Democratic Party is in control, communist and former communist countries like Cuba, Russia and China are cool. It is only when the Republican Party (and specifically Donald Trump) are at the wheel when Democrats suddenly see any friendly move toward the Russians as evidence of everything from collusion to being an agent or puppet of Putin. The reality is, during Barack Obama's administration, the outreach to Russia included Hillary Clinton with a plastic "reset" button given to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Vice president Joe Biden even said:

"All of us, we all invested in a type of Russia we hoped -— and still hope -— will emerge one day: a Russia integrated into the world economy; more prosperous, more invested in the international order." (source)

Further, Obama was caught on a hot microphone whispering to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that

"This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,"

Why wasn't any of these seen as collusion or backdoor negotiations with the Russians? After all, Obama basically told the Russian president that he had to lay low until after the elections so that he doesn't alert the American voters to his true intentions.

Then there is Obama's unilateral actions on communist Cuba without much input from the Congress or Senate or American people. (source) He even posed in front of a Che Guevara motif; you can see Obama purposely directing that the picture be taken in front of the motif.

Obama Che

Why does all this "collusion" with communists get a pass when Democrats are in charge? Rather, we should be seeking to work with the Russians since clearly America has more in common with Russia with its focus on technological advances and independent, innovative thinking over much of the emasculated European soft socialist countries that have been feeding off the NATO teat for the last 80 years. At least the Russians seem to have the willingness to actually take on the Muhammad imitators. But instead, the Democrats are trying to foment division and perhaps even war just because the crusty old medical van riding sex-predator enabling candidate lost.

It's time to enter a new era; one where Democrat politicians sit down and shut up for a while. We had 8 years of Obama and his apology tour; his disdain for American exceptionalism. Despite what anyone thinks of Trump, if he can make inroads into fostering closer partnerships with former enemies and brokering peace among foes like Israel and Muslims and toppling North Korea's dictator without even firing a shot, the Democrats should stop all of their shenanigans and let him try. Perhaps that's the very reason they are opposing his efforts. Imagine if Trump accomplishes all of this after the failure of the establishment politicians of both parties. What message will this send to the American people? Instead, the Democrats and weak-kneed fake Republicans will keep fear-mongering and claiming the boogieman Russians are coming!

And let us not forget Bill Clinton's college trip to Russia (USSR) in 1969, the very height of the U.S.-Soviet Cold War. (source)
Soviet Clinton

The idea that Trump or any Republican is cozier with communists than the Democratic Party is ludicrous. Democrat ideology of wealth redistribution is communism!