R@R Episode 1


Episode 1 of Roderick At Random is rolled out. In this pilot of the podcast, I spend a few moments talking about the influence behind the theme music and the title of the podcast. The music is based on music from Jerry Goldsmith who did the original Planet of the Apes score back in 1968. I believe he also did the music for the Next Generation Star Trek series. The podcast name was taken from a few books; one which I read called The Complete Roderick by John Sladek (1980,1983). The other book is from 1748 called Roderick Random. This also plays into the concept of having a podcast about random topics.

It is my intent to produce a podcast about once a month. I expect it to be about 10-30 minutes long. With this one, I produced a Youtube representation. I'm not certain if I'll do that for each one.

You can listen to the podcast via a few methods:

  1. Download to your mp3, ipod, or audio device via this link.
  2. Listen here on the site using the mp3 player below.
  3. Eventually, I may have it on iTunes and other services.

Also, you can easily access the latest podcast by inputting this path into your browser: rodericke.com/random/ followed by rr1.mp3 or rr2.mp3 and so on.

This podcast features trial segments:

  • Dumb Terms: "Active Shooter"
  • Facebook Farrago
  • Spoof Commericals

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