Roderick's Excel Solutions


Roderick's Excel Solutions

Roderick's Excel Solutions specializes in developing efficiency and accuracy processes using Excel spreadsheets, macros, and VBA coding.
Excel is a program used in almost every business and so is the perfect program from which to build all sorts of processes.
Roderick Edwards has over 20 years of detailed experience with developing Excel solutions which include the following:

  1. Quality Control Database; One Call Communications; Telephone company
  2. Lane Bid Processor; Meridian IQ Logistics; Freight Forwarding/3PL company
  3. Rate Calculators; Hellmann Worldwide Logistics; Freight Forwarding company
  4. Trend Analyzer; Avram Worldwide Logistics; Transportation Management company
  5. Loan Processor; Fis Global; Banking/Financial company
  6. Shipment Database; TF Logistics; Transportation/3PL company
  7. Item List Compiler; TF Publishing; Calendar company



  • Free quoting/estimate
  • $40 per hour


Roderick's Excel Solutions

Excel is a trademarked product of Microsoft. does not imply any claim or representation of Excel or Microsoft. All processes created by Roderick Edwards, while copyrighted may allow for share rights under expressed consent.