RoderickE and the TEA Party


As I interact on forums and social media, I've had a few people accuse me of espousing the views of the TEA Party. What is ironic is that
I have never really looked into the views of the TEA Party except to know that the T.E.A. stands for "taxed enough already". It is curious that
anyone wouldn't agree with that sentiment. I have also never been to a TEA Party event. Don't get me wrong, I may have a lot in common with
the TEA Party, but if so it is just a coincidence in that both the TEA Party and I could be concluding the same common principles of core
Americanism. Low taxation is certainly a core American princple.


What does it mean to be an American? And no, it is NOT relativistic. There are specific core principles common to the ideology of America.

  1. Self-sufficiency
  2. Self-reliance

Simple enough eh? Americanism embraces the idea that Americans take care of themselves. Americanism embraces the idea that Americans rely on themselves.

Now, does this translate into selfishness or greediness? Not at all. If a person can't take care of themselves first, they can't help others. Think of how during in-flight instructions we are told to first secure our own oxygen masks even before helping our children. Why do they say that? Because if you are incapacitated, you can't help anyone else.

Excessive government, excessive taxation, excessive intrusion into our lives incapacitates us so that we are less able to help others. And the socialists among us know that. They want the government to be the "help" of the people. They don't like success. They must keep a certain number of people dependent on government. Imagine what would happen if people were successful enough to maintain their own living without government help? What fake promise would politicians use to manipulate people to vote for them?

Americanism is not really an unique principle, rather it is a human principle. Most humans want to live a life unmolested by oppressive or dictatorial groups; be it government or mobs in the streets. We want to do our work, own our property, raise our families with minimal intrusion by others. And why shouldn't we be able to do so as long as we aren't hurting anyone else?

Socialistic (i.e. UnAmerican) people want to force us to put on another person's oxygen mask first. Worse yet, to push the analogy they want us to give up our oxygen masks to others. They want to force us to redistribute the wealth. They want us to "pay our fair share"; a share determined by them. They want us to gasp for air so that they can come along and "save" us by giving us a rationed share.

Anyone who ignores these two basic core principles of Americanism aren't really Americans even if they were born in this country. Americanism isn't simply about a country but about an idea; an idea about freedom which is currently at odds with the hostile socialists among us. Freedom to a socialist is when a socialistic person shouts down another person. The socialist can say and do anything he wants in this effort, but when an American invokes his or her natural rights they are told to shut up and comply!

Americanism might be curtailed for a time as more socialists dupe people to join the mob, but eventually people realize socialists aren't for the mob but for the group at the top controlling the mob. It has happened over and other in history. You'd think in the Internet/Information Age people wouldn't be so easily fooled by this same old trick.

So, if you are an matter where you were born or currently live, I urge you to raise your voice against the mobs and especially against the elitists at the top of the mobs that are telling people freedom is only when you put others in bondage. We will live free!

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