Roads Don't Discriminate

On the road to socialism...

It doesn't care about the color of your skin or your hair or your eyes. It doesn't care about which genitals you have. It doesn’t care with whom you have sex. The road doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care which political party you support or whether you are rich or poor. It will conduct all drivers alike. It will even potentially conduct you to death if you dare go the wrong way. The road doesn’t discriminate.
I make this point because when in discussion with socialists (otherwise known as Democrats), they will try to make the case that tax dollars going toward infrastructure is the same as going toward things like women’s birth control, or universal health care (which isn’t ever universal), or to fund a college that uses racial quotas to forcibly diversify its student population. The Democrats will claim that the tax dollars are part of the Constitutional declarative of “promoting the General Welfare” of the people. The problem is, unlike the indiscriminate nature of infrastructure, using tax dollars to fund programs for specific classes of people is not actually promoting the general welfare but rather specific and targeted welfare. Using communal funds in this manner is against the intent of the Constitution and Americanism.


The resort of the Democrat is to label you and me a community hater or worse a racist or a bigot because we dare oppose our tax dollars being used for the promotion of Specific Welfare. They will claim we need to repay the community for all our own “privilege” or “luck” in life rather than acknowledging our own ambition and skill brought us gain. It’s ironic that the political party that literally created the KKK and imposed the segregationist Jim Crow laws on black Americans for over 150 years and turned dogs and hoses on black Americans in the 1960s has the nerve to lecture people on possible reparations for past injustices. Had the Democratic Party been outlawed after the Civil War, black American integration into American culture and political life would have went on unabated but instead it retreated under the fear of white sheets and a political party intent on keeping former slaves from voting. It wasn’t until the 1930s that black Americans began to reengage in politics and by then the Democratic Party through Franklin Roosevelts’ socialist agenda figured out it could manipulate people by promoting their Specific Welfare in return for votes at the ballot box. Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 -- which merely undid what Democrats did to black Americans in the first place -- to specifically buy votes from the people he was still calling “niggers” in 1964. Ever since then, anyone who dares to oppose the Democrats’ manipulation of minorities or corralled groups of people of any kind get labeled as racists or bigots.


But at some point, every person comes to forks in the road; whether an actual road or the roads of decision we face in life. We must choose to take a road riddled with potholes of the past or the road that leads to destinations of truth, honesty, and honor. Even so, while we may be travelling on this noble road, friends and foes alike may jeer from the sidewalks. They may claim we hate our community or someone else’s community or even hate ourselves for not supporting the crumbling lies of extortion and manipulation of groups of people. Rather we support the individual regardless of all the identifiers Democrats want to use to force the person into a voting block. We support the road that doesn’t discriminate.

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