Answering Preterism is a 4-book series for serious students of Bible prophecy!

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Preterism is the belief that the Bible teaches Jesus already came back and that most if not all of the attending events happened in the first century. This 4-part series first explains to the reader everything they need to know ABOUT PRETERISM. How and why someone might adopt the view. Its logical arguments. Its biblical arguments. Its history as a theological movement from the late 1800s, to its revival in the 1970s, to its peak in the 1990s, to its current fractured state.

AFTER PRETERISM is book 2 of the series and continues where the first left off. It fills in the hanging questions a reader might have. It answers what happens in the short and long term AFTER someone adopts the preterist view. It gives real-life examples, not speculation or theories. Finally, understand what this theological perspective does to a person's worldview. Vetted by actual current and former preterists, this book is packed with no-nonsense information the reader can't get anyplace else. This is not another debate or refutation book. It is a book for really understanding preterism and the effects of believing, practicing, and advocating it.

AGAINST PRETERISM is book 3 in the series and follows along nicely to help explain why all forms of preterism should be rejected, not only by Christians but by non-Christians as well. Taking a new approach, rather than the typical proof-texting battle, this book is the one to "end debate" least from a logical standpoint.

HOW TO DEBATE A PRETERIST is book 4 and is the 30+ year, field tested apologetics book every layman and clergy Christian needs if and when they encounter a preterist; online or in their church or at a coffee shop. Preterism is the heresy in the 21st century church just as much as Arianism in 3-4th century. Allowing it to fester or pretending preterists are "brothers" in the communal faith of historical Christianity invites the Trojan Horse into the walls. This book provides multiple methods to debate a preterist so that you can tailor your style as well as giving the reader a lengthy list of debate examples. This book will prepare you not only for specific preterist arguments but also against the overall premises of preterism.

Reconciliation process is over 2 Cor 5:19.

I was reading some fiction books by Bryan Godawa. They take place in old testament times. There are footnotes thoughout that make points all prophecy had been fulfilled. That worried me quite a bit. Then I started reading one of his nonfiction books. In really confused (and a little depressed) now. I also have a pretty aggressive reading plan for reading the Bible. I just want to get things right.

#2 Preterism is pervasive. It will sneak up on you because if someone tells you about it outright, you'd reject it.

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