How to Debate a Preterist: An Apologetics Handbook


Debate"HOW TO DEBATE A PRETERIST is book 4 of the Preterism Series and is the 30+ year, field tested apologetics book every layman and clergy Christian needs if and when they encounter a preterist; online or in their church or at a coffee shop. Preterism is the heresy in the 21st century church just as much as Arianism in 3-4th century. Allowing it to fester or pretending preterists are "brothers" in the communal faith of historical Christianity invites the Trojan Horse into the walls. This book provides multiple methods to debate a preterist so that you can tailor your style as well as giving the reader a lengthy list of debate examples. This book will prepare you not only for specific preterist arguments but also against the overall premises of preterism.


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