Potential Slogans


People like a good, catchy slogan that captures the focus of the campaign. In past presidential elections there were slogans like:

  • Hope and Change
  • Yes we can
  • Change we can believe in
  • It's the economy, stupid
  • Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Since I cannot officially endorse any group that is supporting my campaign, groups and individuals are free to develop their own slogans to define THEIR candidate -- Roderick Edwards.
To get you started, here are some I've come up with. Feel free to use them where ever and however you'd like in promoting the campaign. Please be honest and tasteful in any that you associate with me. Thanks

  1. Voting for the lesser evil is STILL voting for evil --Write-in Roderick instead!
  2. Wasted vote=Democrat or Republican -- Write-in Roderick instead!
  3. Unfriend Frauds! -- Write-in Roderick instead!
  4. Where Left and Right can unite -- Write-in Roderick!
  5. It's time for the first citizen president -- Write-in Roderick!
  6. It's time to be America again -- Write-in Roderick!
  7. Want to be historic? -- Write-in Roderick!
  8. Won't bow to foreign leaders -- Write-in Roderick!
  9. Experienced at being American -- Write-in Roderick!
  10. A REAL historic first -- Write-in Roderick!
  11. No more party lines -- Write-in Roderick!
  12. An average citizen for president -- Write-in Roderick!

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