Cheating was Plan B


Trump was never supposed to win in 2016. The political class certainly didn't believe he had a chance. Just look how all the elites reacted when he was thinking about running.

But yet Trump created the largest political base in U.S. history. Biden could barely get a thousand people to attend his rambling, mumbling speeches. Biden hid in his basement. So, plan A was to unleash a killer virus on the world and blame Trump for deaths. To depict Trump as an incompetent boob that should have never been elected to the esteemed office reserved for the political class on both sides of the aisle. Why do you think there were 24/7 tickers on TV telling us just how many people have Covid or have died from Covid? It was all concerted propaganda. Even the annual flu numbers were thrown into the Covid mix to make it look even worse. This is the reason the annual flu deaths were almost nil while the Covid conspiracy went on.
But even with all that, Trump's support didn't wane. In fact, it increased. Plan A had failed. It was time to go to the risky but tried and true plan B -- cheating. Election fraud. Democrats have done it several times. How do you think JFK was elected? Even LBJ knew that JFK was installed over him. How do you think Hillary Clinton clinched the Democrat nomination over Bernie Sanders who had the momentum? How do you think a no-name junior senator was able to overtake Hillary's turn to be Camelot Queen?

The uniparty could not let Trump win again because his first 4 years were already too effective. Because Trump is not a politician seeking to increase his financial profile, his actions as president didn't rely on slaking the palms of donors. In fact, Trump is one of the only, if not the only president whose personal wealth decreased after leaving office. (see: So, in 2020 the Democrats HAD to cheat. They HAD to use the FBI, CIA, and every voter fraud mechanism they could to make sure the outsider didn't get back in and make them look bad again. Trump was getting too much accomplished. He was bringing the American people together rather than dividing with the same ole class warfare mantra of the Democrats of race baiting and pitting rich vs poor, white vs everyone else, male vs female, urban vs rural and any other sort of division Democrats can drum up.

The Plan C for 2024 is to smear Trump as the "indited" candidate. The candidate that caused an "insurrection". The candidate that raped people. The candidate that stole top secret documents from the government. The racist candidate. Yet Trump remains favored. His support doesn't wane because people see it is Biden who made his teen daughter take showers with him. (see: ) People see the incompetent to purposefully destructive economic policies of Biden that has never had a real job in his adult life. Biden has been a politician since age 26. He knows nothing of how business or the common person works. He's a fraud. We all see it. Biden knows it. It is the reason Biden couldn't even mention Trump's name during the 2024 State of the Union speech. They can't let Trump win. If they can't bankrupt him, which is the motive behind the Letitia James and Fani Davis junk, then they will try to jail him. If that doesn't work, maybe they'll do what Tucker Carlson fears, assassination.

Trump's re-election win would mean the end of the political elite's hold on USA. All of their propaganda and social engineering would come to an end. All the effort to usher in illegal immigrants to affect the Electoral vote counts would stop. The Democrats cannot allow Trump to win again!

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