Why A Conservative Constitutionalist Can't Get Elected



People like Mark Levin, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have been urging for a "conservative" and a "constitutionalist" candidate to become president. What they mean by these terms is that they want someone who conserves, or preserves the traditional American principles and upholds the U.S. Constitution. Many, many Americans agree with these goals but there is a major problem; there aren't enough people in America that understand what traditional American principles are. There aren't enough people in America that understand that the Constitution isn't merely a bunch of outdated rules written by dead white guys that need fundamentally transformed. Perhaps, Levin and his colleagues would say this is more the reason we need to elect a conservative, constitutional president; so that he or she can begin to teach Americans what it means to be American. But that's not how it works. These things happen in phases.

Cruz would never have been elected even if he won the 2016 primary. Not because he isn't a solid politician but because there are too many Americans that find what Ted talks about, too foreign. They haven't heard a politician simply talk about America as a proud, unique country. They haven't seen a politician stop talking political-speech and just give us the plain truth. They haven't seen a politician who doesn't walk back every criticized word or action when the media attacks. They haven't seen a politician that behaves more like the typical American instead of some snooty, condescending, elitist lecturing us what we should think and "who we are" supposed to be according to them.


When building or rebuilding anything, you must start at the foundation. In this case, the foundation is speaking of America as the brash, edge of anarchy of individualism it was meant to be. No more talk of "democracy" which is merely mob rule. The Founders of America rejected democracy as two wolves and lamb voting on what to have for lunch. America is a Constitutional Republic; something very, very different than a democracy. Yet politician and media pundit alike repeatedly call America a "democracy", and think there is no big difference between a democracy and a Constitutional Republic.

Phase 1 is to energize the people to think about and be proud that they are American; which at first may not be well-defined but people can begin to understand that being American is something different and special compared to not being American. And next, that declaring and holding that special distinction is something to be proud of rather than ashamed or bashful. To outsiders and elitists, and globalists; declaring the exceptionalism of America seems arrogant, rude, and offensive. People; even people born in America will often downplay and even apologize for us being Americans. There are too many people like this in America and in American politics. Before we can get to a person extolling the virtues of conservatism or citing the Constitution, we need someone to simply demonstrate the pride; and yea even the bold and brashness of being American. This kind of behavior shocks many Democrats and Republicans alike because these folks have been in the establishment too long. You aren't supposed to speak too loudly about what a privilege and blessing it is to be an American. You aren't supposed point out that being American makes you different than people who aren't American. Instead you are supposed to speak quietly as you bore people to death with the same old vision that locks a person out of ever realizing the extreme uniqueness that is America. Or bore them with historical facts that don't come alive to them until put into action.


Populism can be a form of democracy -- which the Founders rejected -- if that populism is fueled by ignorant mobs or worse; ignorant mobs being led around by a charismatic demagogue with a pocket full of catch phrases. The Democratic Party is the very definition of populism; appealing to and creating division based on race, gender or some other "class" just to manipulate these classes for political gain rather than ever uniting or solving the supposed problems of these groups. But when a large group of Americans seek to assert their Americanism over the oligarchy of tyranny that exists; that too is often defined as populism because this kind "population" of Americans becomes loud or organizes. This populism sometimes frightens conservatives because as you have seen, conservatives tend to be quiet people that keep working, paying their taxes, and trying to be respectful even when people spit in their face and stomp on their rights. Conservatives typically allow themselves to be misrepresented and mischaracterized, often because they don't want to be labeled as "mean-spirited" or a bigot" or any of the other names trotted out by the anti-Americans that want to shut them up.

So, when a person or group that is proud to be American comes along and openly and proudly declares that special status, we should support that effort and then help to point to what is meant by being an American. We join with the people who are proud to be an American by then pointing to those principles and the radical individualism; individualism protected by the U.S. Constitution against the mobs chanting "democracy!", "democracy!" while these same chanters impose on the individual and restrict the individual of their own liberty. But if we never even get to the phase of talking proudly about being American, then we can never talk about what it means to be American. Instead, we get America-hating politicians lecturing us "who we are" based on some socialist fantasy. We get presidents who give us empty slogans of "hope" and "change" while these same presidents fundamentally transform America before our very eyes into something it was never founded to be. Before a person can even begin to understand what America the idea was designed to be, these anti-American politicians will redefine it so when someone comes along talking about the REAL America, it seems odd and at odds with this redefinition. At this point, even people born in America begin to reject the foundational America. They begin to reject conserving and preserving the foundational America. They begin to reject the Constitutional Republic and instead begin to impose a sort of mob rule democracy that silences any divergence from the group think. Then gone is that uniquely American radical individualism that puts the rights of the individual over the mob and politician.

A conservative constitutionalist can't get elected because there just aren't enough people in America who know anything but the mob rule mentality they have been fed for the last 100 years.