Why I have my own website

Am I just a narcissist in need of validation for my existence?

IndependenceIn the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and every other social networking site you can think of, why would a person actually pay to maintain a website? Not just a free WordPress blog but an actual domain? Is that person just an egotistical rouge who thinks his opinion or view actually matters? The reason I have a paid domain website is because for the most part I can't be restricted. I can't be banned or even shadow banned. I can't have someone complain to some moderator and have my post taken down. It's called FREE SPEECH. Something going away in places like Canada and Europe where you can't say "offensive" things about someone else's religion EVEN if it is true; like how Muhammad actually murdered people. And in America, in Human Resource departments all over the nation, they tell you that you can get in trouble for talking about someones "deeply held religious beliefs". Who decides which religious beliefs are "deeply held" or not? Who are these people to decide this? Either allow it or not but who are these people to decide which beliefs you can and can't talk about.

If easily offended people can't handle someone being critical, let THEM go shelter themselves. Why do the rest of us need to pander to their weakness? The world is supposed to advance by challenging all views to get to the point that what is said and claimed by anyone is seen as credible or not. Instead, the world is saying that so as to not hurt or offend, we must live in a perpetual state of relativity where nothing is true and nothing is false. This doesn't advance humanity or science or philosophy or reality.

I have my own website because I want to journal my thoughts and collect information and data in one place where I can access and refer back to it. So when I'm in a discussion and someone challenges what I'm saying I can point them to the research I've ALREADY done. I don't want to merely put my opinion against someone else's opinion and have the discussion devolve into "agreeing to disagree". Either something is TRUE or FALSE.


My life's work is in conditional thinking; in computer code where something is either a one or a zero -- that is, it is either true or false -- a yes or no. Most data, be it a spreadsheet of numbers and words that capture patterns or a person's political, historical, or religious views are based on conditional inputs and outputs. IF THIS then THAT otherwise THAT. I have sought to bring this non-emotional, least biased approach to my life. My political and religious views are based on conditional thinking/reasoning. (see Historical Realism)

I am NOT saying I'm always right or what I say or believe TRUE and everyone else is FALSE. I'm saying I approach all things with the goal of verification of TRUE. Obviously, as a human, I am STILL biased. I have biases I know about and other biases I may yet need to uncover and acknowledge and figure into my conclusions. (see Cognitive Biases) I try my best to ask myself WHY do I conclude whatever I conclude about any subject. What are the demonstrable facts? To what conclusions do those facts lead? Is my conclusion operating outside those facts and why? IF THIS then THAT else THAT.


So, my website is like my output of the process of my mind. It is the report, the spreadsheet of all the input data on various topics. It most of the time is not "my view" or "my opinion". This is the reason I so often try to supply links to many sides of a topic so that the reader can follow the process that led me to THIS over THAT. Or as demonstrated by my generous public comment policy you can see people disparage me or even call me names without interacting with the data I supplied. It would be like you giving your boss a spreadsheet full of the facts and figures of last month's business and him or or her start calling you names over the result. It is irrational.


Ultimately, my personal website comes back to individual freedom. Can we still say something is black or something is white or will someone badger us to death with mob rule "democracy" shaming until we either shut up or agree that it is all a varying shade of gray? Even worse, some government or regulative body could tell us we can't call something black or white without the penalty of fine, imprisonment or worse. The world is quickly approaching this REAL fascism, most often by the very people who claim other people are the fascists. I want everyone to have the freedom to access the truth, even if it's "offensive" or not part of some well constructed narrative. I want you to see IF THIS then THAT else THAT...and be satisfied that the result is the ONE TRUTH.

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