Trump Elected President: Now What?


President Trump

It happened. America actually elected Donald Trump. After nearly two years of the media trying to convince us it was a joke and Trump would drop out or people wouldn't support him; Trump won the presidency. If you watched any of the network news stations on election night you would have been treated to the typical barely hidden smug disdain the "journalists" had for Trump. Worse yet, if you are an African-American or a Latino you should be insulted by what the media and Hillary Clinton did to you on November 8th. Both the media and Clinton saw you as a monolithic group that was supposed to support Clinton by default. The media didn't even give you the respect to divide you up in groups like they did with the white people. They plastered graphics of this or that percentage of white college educated versus non-college educated but when it came to black and Latino Americans, you were dumped into one basket. The media didn't care if you went to college or not. They just assumed you would vote for Hillary. How snobbishly insulting.

As the election coverage went on, most of the networks refused to call many of the key states even though it was clear there was no way Clinton was going to win. After all, as the commentators would often point out; the black or Latino vote was already counted -- again assuming you would faithfully vote Democrat simply because the color of your skin. But after it became impossible to feign that Hillary still had a chance, the media turned to discussing how it was possible Trump is actually winning. At first, they blamed it on the turn out or the Russians or even implied Trump somehow tricked people to vote for him who shouldn't; like white college educated women -- they were supposed to have been appalled by Trump's behavior from more than 20 years ago. The commentators tried to console each other by finding paths to victory for Clinton. When this failed, they speculated how even if Trump did win that he couldn't or wouldn't do all the things he promised. After all, they are accustomed to politicians from both parties simply saying stuff to get elected. But they secretly know Trump is different.


When it became obvious Hillary was defeated, her staff came out onto the stage and told all her supporters to go home and that she wouldn't address them tonight. I thought, okay I guess that is reasonable since we have seen strange developments in ballot counting in the past. But then within it seems 30 minutes, Trump takes the stage in front of his supporters to declare victory and tell us Hillary called and conceded. I thought this very disrespectful of Hillary to all her supporters that sat in the auditorium all night for her. She couldn't come out and at least thank them? This is the epitome of Hillary's entire campaign; entitlement. It was supposed to be her turn.


Before Trump took the stage, the network news media wondered what he might say. They wondered if he would gloat or be "presidential" as they call it. Ummm Obama took selfies at Nelson Mandela's funeral. Don't you snotty media hacks try to tell us what "presidential" is like. Anyhow, Trump was very gracious and never even called Hillary "Crooked Hillary". But what struck me most was how he brought his entire family and staff out on stage. It is clear this man understands it took all of these people; it took all of the Americans who supported him even while we were being derided as those "crazy" Trumpsters; both by the media and even our friends, family and work mates. Trump's victory speech was humble and appreciative of everyone that made it possible. It was not vindictive or boastful at all.


So when we wake up on November 9th, will there be riots? Will Hillary or Obama supporters do violence to people and their property? What the media and Hillary Clinton supporters don't seem to get is that Trump isn't for Trump. Trump isn't merely for his supporters. Trump won because he loves the America founded in 1776. No, not the America that entered the slave trade. No, not the America where the Democrat Party started the KKK and imposed institutionalized discrimination on black Americans for nearly 150 years. When Trump speaks of making America great again; he isn't talking about Bill Clinton's good ole boy days in Arkansas (Trump is a New Yorker after all). When Trump says he wants to Make America Great Again, he speaks of the founding principles of America as a REPUBLIC, not a "democracy" as I kept hearing the media pundits calling the USA. There is a yuuuuuge difference, believe me. A democracy is a type of mob rule that imposes upon the individual and forces them to comply whereas a Republic protects via the rule of law the rights of the individual from the infringement upon those rights. Trump seeks to see us more as Americans instead of white or black or Latino or LBGTQRSTUV college-educated versus non-college educated as the media demographics kept dividing during the election coverage. No more lumping people into this or that group and assuming their behavior based on their heritage or skin color -- again, how insulting has the Democrat Party been to Americans of all colors during this election.

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