November 8 2016 Prediction


November 8 2016

(Click here for the serious version) Trump is elected. Obama's supporters begin to riot. At first they loot liquor stores and burn and poop on police cars as they have been known to do.
Various influential people in the military and government say they refuse to serve under Trump. Groups like the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers begin to clash with police and the general public...more so than just rudely interrupting liberal white people sipping coffee at Starbucks.

Several nations say they will break off all ties, treaties and agreements with the US if Trump takes office. The UN calls an emergency meeting. There are calls for Trump to stand aside "for the good and unity of the country" (and let Hillary finally have her "turn"). Trump refuses.
The violence and hostility increases. Some countries even say they will attack USA if Trump takes office.

Obama finally takes "executive action" to prevent the dissolution of America. He claims he will not leave office until the "crisis" is resolved (which is that Hillary becomes president instead). Liberal media compares Obama to Abraham Lincoln, keeping the "union together" at all cost. So brave!

Obama is careful to not actually declare martial law, because he is sooooo wise that way. He invites Trump to the White House (or a golf course) to settle this issue. He tells Trump, America may have been ready to elect the first half-black president, but it wasn't ready to elect the first artificially orange president.
Trump either finally allows Hillary to take office...OR...he is killed and then Obama makes a speech about how the country MUST unite around Hillary and "make America great again".